Be gone by Christmas, bingo wings

Be gone by Christmas, bingo wings

It may feel like it’s too early to be discussing Christmas – the warm, summer evenings spent relaxing with friends on holiday were, after all, only a few weeks ago – but when it comes to prepping for the Christmas party season, a bit of advance planning is recommended.

Wearing a slinky party dress to a festive party should be (and is) a fun occasion, but worrying about bingo wings can take a bit of shine off the proceedings. Regular exercise can certainly tone up arms, but the loose skin and excess fat associated with bingo wings is notoriously difficult to shift, which is where we step in.

Dr Mike Comins, founder of Hans Place Practice, explains that a number of treatments – VASER Liposuction, Velashape 3, AQUALYX and INTRAcel – can all be helpful in tightening up skin, reducing small pockets of fat and sculpting the upper arm.

He notes that great results in particular have been seen with the Velashape 3, a non-surgical, skin tightening, toning and cellulite reduction treatment that uses radio frequency and infra red technology. While a difference can be seen a few days after the treatment, it can take up to 12 weeks after the course has finished for the full effects to be completely visible.

If your ideal present this Christmas would be to get rid of your bingo wings, give Hans Place Practice a call today on 0207 584 1642 to book a free consultation with Dr Comins.

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