Stubborn Fat On Thighs

Stubborn fat can be a real struggle for many men and women, especially when no amount of exercise and dieting seems to make a difference. The thighs are a very common place for the body to store fat and stubborn fat on the thighs is a problem that affects many men and women. The thighs […]

Stubborn Fat On Calves

Weight loss can be a real struggle and suffering from stubborn fat in any area of the body is frustrating. Stubborn fat on the calves is a common problem for many men and women, and for those who have always longed for long, lean legs, it can have a real impact on self-esteem. Developing fat […]

Stubborn Fat On Ankles

Chunky ankles are something that many men and women suffer from, and while they are entirely natural and normal, they are often not considered an attractive asset. Stubborn fat on the ankles can affect anyone, and there are various reasons why. Genetics play a big part in stubborn fat on the ankles, as some people […]

Shape Challenged Thighs

Slender, toned thighs are often sought after by many women but are not always easy to achieve. The thighs are notoriously difficult for reducing fat as they are one of the first places the body stores fatty tissue particaully if you are genetically ‘pear shaped’. Excess fat on the thighs can result in shape challenged […]

Shape Challenged Knees

There are many factors that can affect the appearance of the knees, and some people find themselves with shape challenged knees. Shape challenged knees may have excess weight, sagging skin or a lack of muscle tone, and there are various causes for this. Both men and women can experience shape challenged knees, and it often […]

Shape Challenged Ankles

Shape challenged ankles, also commonly referred to as ‘cankles’ are when the ankle is not as slender and slim as expected. It is common for there to be a lack of definition between the calves and ankles, leaving the bottom of the legs straight and un-shapely. Many men and women suffer from chunky or bigger […]

Loose Skin On Thighs

Loose skin can occur on almost any area of the body, but some areas are more prone to loose skin than others. Loose skin on the thighs is a common complaint for a lot of men and women, and the upper leg is prone to storing excess fat and skin. There are a number of […]

Irregular Thigh Contours

The contours of the thigh are determined by the underlying bony and muscle frame plus the superficial fat and skin quality. Some people have issues with irregular thigh contours no matter how they exercise or diet. The thighs are a common place for excess fat to build up and the fat stored in this area […]

Inner Thigh Rubbing

Inner thigh rubbing can occur when the thighs rub together during walking and exercise, and it can be a painful problem for many men and women. As well as causing pain and chaffing, inner thigh rubbing can become embarrassing for some. It can lead to self-consciousness about the thighs appearance and have an effect on […]

Cellulite On Thighs

The thighs are often one of the areas on the body that cause the most concern for both men and women, and cellulite on the thighs is one of the most common complaints. Cellulite refers to the appearance of small lumps and dimples under the skin, which causes the skin to be textured as opposed […]