What Are The Advantages Of Vaser Liposuction?

What Are The Advantages Of Vaser Liposuction?

You might have heard about liposuction, but did you realise there are different types? One of the latest types of liposuction procedure is Vaser liposuction, but what are the advantages of this when weighed up against traditional lipo and other types of body sculpting?

Aesthetic procedures for body sculpting include:

  • Traditional liposuction;
  • Vaser liposuction;
  • Hi-Def and Mid-Def liposuction;
  • Renuvion skin and tissue tightening;
  • Vaser liposuction and Renuvion combined;
  • Emsculpt.

The difference between Vaser liposuction and traditional lipo

Both Vaser liposuction and traditional liposuction have the same aim. This is to remove stubborn fat cells from a region of the body, along with tightening the skin. While both procedures can offer great results for anyone wanting to get rid of fat and enjoy tighter and smoother skin, there are some differences.

Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy Resonance is a mouthful that is shortened to Vaser. The procedure removes any unwanted and hard to get rid of fat cells from the body and is used on various regions of the body, including the thighs, hips, stomach, neck, chin, chest, buttocks and underside of the arms.

This type of liposuction relies on ultrasound waves breaking up fat cells and turning them into liquid, which is then extracted through a needle.

On the other hand, traditional liposuction requires incisions to be made in the skin, where a suction probe is used to push and pull through the fat layer to break up the fat and remove fat through a suction pump.

The advantages of Vaser liposuction over traditional

So, if you are weighing up whether to have traditional liposuction or Vaser lipo, here are some of the main benefits of Vaser liposuction

  • There is less bruising and swelling of the region treated;
  • Vaser is minimally invasive when compared to other body sculpting treatments;
  • You are less likely to suffer potential post-surgery complications;
  • Patients are less likely to suffer heavy blood loss;
  • The procedure is undertaken in a day clinic, so no hospital stay is required;
  • It is performed using local anaesthetic;
  • You can be selective over the fat that is targeted;
  • It can help get rid of cellulite;
  • Less downtime and recovery time;
  • Surrounding cells in the skin are not damaged;
  • It is used to remove fat and reshape the body;
  • It is suitable for both large areas of fat but precise enough for delicate regions.

There is another type of liposuction used for body sculpting and this is Vaser Hi-Def and Mid-Def.

What are Vaser Hi-Def and Mid-Def liposuction?

Vaser Hi-Def and Mid-Def liposuction is not a tool; instead, it is a technique that relies on the Vaser tool. The same device used in Vaser liposuction is used, but the doctor uses many techniques to sculpt around muscles.

This is a precise procedure that not all cosmetic surgeons can offer. It requires a great deal of skill along with special training, so it is different to the other types of liposuction.

How it differs

When used in the hands of an experienced doctor, such as Dr Comins at Hans Place, body areas can be reshaped and sculpted to obtain an athletic look. More than just removing stubborn fat, the tool is used to define areas of the body, for instance, to achieve the look of a six-pack or gym-toned pectorals. Vaser liposuction and traditional liposuction, on the other hand are used to remove fat cells.

The biggest benefits to Vaser Hi-Def and Mid-Def are:

  • Treatment is tailored to your body to enhance any existing torso and abdominal muscles;
  • The procedure gives an athletic and natural-looking appearance;
  • The appearance of the body can be enhanced through sculpting around muscles;
  • Incisions are generally hidden and small;
  • The procedure is undertaken at the day clinic.

Renuvion and Vaser liposuction

Another body sculpting procedure that is often done alongside Vaser liposuction is Renuvion. This is a ground-breaking treatment for skin and soft tissue tightening along with toning without having to undergo invasive surgery.

The procedure can be given on its own or used in combination with liposuction with results being seen almost immediately and continuing for up to a year following the treatment as the treatment encourages the production of collagen.

The advantages of having Renuvion treatment include seeing noticeable results immediately, reducing risks, and scarring minimal and so is recovery time.

Book a consultation for Vaser liposuction at Hans Place

Dr Comins is a leading Vaser liposuction doctor in the UK and was the first doctor in the United Kingdom to have the training to use this specific tool. Dr Comins has won an industry award for his work in the Vaser field along with being an accredited trainer and has undertaken more than 1000 Vaser Hi-Def and liposuction procedures.

You can book a consultation to talk about how you might be able to benefit from Vaser liposuction and discuss the options.


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