Lines Around Mouth

Lines Around Mouth

Lines around the mouth show off years of happiness through smiles and laughter, but for many, they are a point of self-consciousness. They can come in the form of fine lines around the mouth, cheeks and chin, but can sometimes appear as deep, prominent wrinkles.

These lines and wrinkles around the mouth can be caused by a range of different factors such as ageing, genetics, sun damage, smoking and beauty regime. The most common cause of lines around the mouth is the unavoidable ageing process. Over the years, skin will lose its collagen and elastin making it more prone to wrinkles and sagging as opposed to firm and youthful. This combined with a loss in facial muscle and volume as well as bone density, which naturally depletes with age, can lead to wrinkles and lines around the mouth.

These lines are perfectly natural and a common occurrence among both men and women. For some, they result in reduced self-confidence and lead to negative feelings about their appearance.

Lines Around Mouth Treatments At Hans Place Practice

Hans Place Practice was one of the very first clinics in the country to focus specifically on cosmetic treatments. Our expert term can recommend a range of treatment options to reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth. We advise patients considering treatment to book in for a skincare consultation to determine which treatment is best suited.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers help to fight signs of ageing such as lines around the mouth by smoothing and plumping the affected area. They use clear fillers, which are similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid, and this works to smooth, plump and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

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Wrinkle injections

This treatment has been a popular cosmetic treatment for many years, and it is a prescription medicine which is injected to muscles. It can be used to treat lines around the mouth, and it works by blocking nerve impulses into the surrounding muscles. By preventing the nerves, muscle activity is reduced, which results in the lines around the mouth being less visible.

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INTRAcel uses radiofrequency technology, micro-needling and fractional treatments together to deliver impressive anti-ageing results. Unlike some other more invasive anti-ageing treatments, INTRAcel has no recovery or downtime and results are progressive over time.

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ULTRAcel is a state-of-the-art update of INTRAcel that uses handheld devices to supply grid radiofrequency and ultrasound to lines around the mouth. This can penetrate deep into the tissue below the skin and encourages new collagen production.

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