Fat Under Chin

Fat Under Chin

The area under the chin and around the neck is a common problem area for many individuals. It is prone to collecting excess fat and often results in fat under the chin, also referred to as a double chin. Fat under chin is something that thousands of men and women of all ages suffer from, although it is often more common in older people as ageing can be the leading cause.

There are many reasons why people get fat under chin, and while weight gain is one of the most common causes, it isn’t the only one. Weight gain definitely does contribute to fat under chin, as people who are overweight will naturally have more fat stored around the neck and face. There are other causes of a double chin, including posture, genetics and age. Those with poor neck posture could end up with weakened muscles over time which can result in fat under the chin. Ageing is also an important factor to consider, as with time the skin naturally loses elasticity and firmness which can lead to a double chin.

Whatever the cause of fat under chin, it can result in men and women having issues with self-confidence and impact overall happiness. There are some treatment options available for fat under chin which can be considered.

Fat Under Chin Treatments At Hans Place Practice

Our team of experts are specialists in offering non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We have a range of options for treating fat under the skin, and we can talk you through all your choices when you book in for a skincare assessment and consultation.

VASER Liposuction

VASER liposuction is a treatment to remove excess fat from almost any area of the body, including the chin and neck. It is effective on stubborn fat pockets that require reshaping and toning. VASER lipo is precise enough to target just one small area such as fat under chin and offers impressive results.

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Renuvion offers immediate results for tightening and toning problem areas such as fat under chin. This treatment involves minor incisions being made in the skin and a Renuvion wand being precisely inserted. The wand applies radio-frequency energy to the area which contracts the subdermal collagen tissue and encourages new collagen production.

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Aqualyx is used for the dissolution of stubborn fat pockets, such as around the chin. It uses an injectable aqueous solution which is designed to dissolve unwanted fat cells. The body can then naturally expel the fatty acids that are released.

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