Underwhelming Abdominal Muscle Definition

Underwhelming Abdominal Muscle Definition

close up of female abdominal muscles

Every person has abdominal muscles or abs, and well-defined abs are something many people aim for. One common complaint of both men and women is underwhelming abdominal muscle definition. This can be caused by a number of reasons including excess stomach fat and loose skin around the area. Hormonal factors, age and genetics often mean that women and men struggle with underwhelming abdominal muscle definition as it can be much more difficult for their bodies to achieve well-defined abs.

Having underwhelming abdominal muscle definition can result in individuals suffering from self-confidence issues and a lack of self-esteem. It can be particularly frustrating for those individuals who exercise regularly and have built up strong abdominal muscles, only for them to not be seen due to excess fat and skin tissue.

Underwhelming Abdominal Muscle Definition Treatments At Hans Place Practice

When it comes to underwhelming abdominal muscle definition there are some cosmetic treatments that can be used to help. At Hans Place Practice, our team of experts can use various procedures to help define the abdominal muscles and improve the overall appearance.

VASER Hi Def And VASER Mid Def

VASER Hi Def and VASER Mid Def are both different techniques that can be used to help with underwhelming abdominal muscle definition. The VASER device is used to achieve specific definition results, and it requires a good level of expertise and skill to use. VASER Hi Def is used for sculpting around the musculature and results in an athletic look such as gym-toned abs.

VASER Mid Def offers a softer result that is still defined and toned but not quite as extreme. These treatments work by sculpting the body itself around certain muscles to give definition; they do not sculpt muscles out of body fat or etch any lines into the skin itself.

Discover VASER Hi Def and Mid Def.


Renuvion is often used alongside VASER Hid Def or VASER Mid Def in order to tighten and tone the skin in the abdominal area. It is an innovative treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to contract the cells and encourage collagen production. This results in skin that is firm, toned and tight to help accentuate abdominal muscle definition.

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