Stubborn Fat On Abdomen

Men and women of all ages often suffer from stubborn areas of fat. These are fat pockets that don’t seem to reduce no matter how much exercise or dieting is done, and they can be extremely frustrating and demotivating. Many people find that stubborn fat often occurs on the abdomen and tummy fat is one […]

Loose Skin On Chest

Loose skin can appear on almost any area of the body, and one place that it often causes self-confidence issues and frustration is the chest. Loose skin on the chest can be the result of many different things, including weight loss, ageing and sun damage. Anyone can experience loose skin on the chest, but it […]

Wrinkled, Sun Damaged Skin On Chest

For many people, it is the delicate skin from the chin down to the chest that can really show off the signs of ageing. Wrinkled, sun damaged skin on the chest is a common complaint of many people, particularly among women. Many things can cause a wrinkled and ageing décolletage, and one of the major […]

Underwhelming Chest Muscle Definition

For a lot of men, the pec muscles become an area of focus and sometimes concern. Underwhelming chest muscle definition is a common complaint from many and is when the pectoral muscles are not shown prominently. This can have a negative impact on self-esteem and result in reduced confidence in the body. Underwhelming chest muscle […]

Underwhelming Abdominal Muscle Definition

Every person has abdominal muscles or abs, and well-defined abs are something many people aim for. One common complaint of both men and women is underwhelming abdominal muscle definition. This can be caused by a number of reasons including excess stomach fat and loose skin around the area. Hormonal factors, age and genetics often mean […]

Stubborn Fat On Chest

Every human being has some form of breast tissue, and for most men this never grows or becomes an issue. For some men, however, changes in hormones can lead to them developing stubborn fat on the chest. Often called ‘man boobs’, or the medical term gynaecomastia, it is a common condition that leads to the […]

Stubborn Fat In Waist

Stubborn fat in the waist and around the abdomen is common among both men and women. Often referred to as a ‘spare tire’ or ‘love handles’, it is a completely normal place for the body to store fat. Everyone’s body will store excess fat slightly differently, but for women, in particular, the waist is a […]

Stubborn Bra Fat

Sometimes stubborn bra fat on the upper back is caused by a poorly fitting bra which leads to a bulge or overhang. However sometimes, even the best fitting bra will still result in upper back fat, especially among women who are overweight. Excess fat often accumulates around the back, and it can be stubborn fat […]

Issues With Shape of Waist

A slim yet curvaceous waist with some defined shape to it is often portrayed as the ideal body shape, but some people struggle with a shape challenged waist. A shape challenged waist, thick waist or poorly defined waist is when there is little definition in the area. The waist is made up  of fat, which […]

Issues with Shape of Buttocks

Many people are not satisfied with the lower half of their body, particularly the buttocks. Both men and women often find the shape of the buttocks is not the shape they hope for. People often seek a plump, round bottom, and having a shape challenged buttocks can have a real impact on self-esteem and self-confidence. […]