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Posted January 4, 2022

Will Non-Surgical Liposuction Last Forever?

Years ago, the only treatment option for weight loss was traditional liposuction. This procedure is invasive, expensive, and comes with various risks, which put a lot of people off. New technologies have meant that a non-surgical liposuction is now a popular option for those who don’t want to undergo full surgery but still reap the...
Posted December 27, 2021

Skin Tightening: Will VASER Lipo Help?

Everyone has some areas of their body which they are not completely satisfied with, and for many, this includes loose sagging skin. Whether you have noticed your skin losing tautness as you’ve got older, or you have lost weight, and your skin hasn’t bounced back as hoped, sagging skin can cause many people to be...
Posted December 20, 2021

Lipo Cost: Is It Worth It?

Liposuction is a procedure used to remove excess fat from areas of the body. It has been a common procedure for years, and thousands of people choose to have the procedure achieve their dream look. It is an excellent way of toning and shaping areas such as the tummy, flanks, and thighs by removing unwanted...
Posted December 13, 2021

10 Questions To Ask Your Surgeon Before VASER Lipo

VASER Liposuction is a powerful, minimally invasive treatment that can work to remove selective fat cells and tone the body. It is a popular choice for those who want to avoid major surgery and tackle stubborn fat areas such as the stomach, thighs, or flanks. Although no general anaesthetic or stay in hospital is required...
Posted December 6, 2021

2022 Time For A Healthier You

The start of a new year is always a good time to focus on your health and wellbeing and make some changes to your lifestyle for the better. Many of us indulge during the holiday season and find January to be the perfect time to get back on track. Thousands of people will be setting...
Posted November 30, 2021

Chin Augmentation: Which Option Is Right For Me?

Just like all features on the face, chins come in all shapes and sizes. The chin is an area that many individuals are self-conscious about, and there are many concerns that can impact this part of the face. When your chin is well-defined, it can help to balance the other features such as the nose,...
Posted November 23, 2021

Last Minute Pre-Christmas Party Treatments

The festive season is a time for getting together with friends and family and celebrating with Christmas cheer. Following last Christmas spent in lockdown for most of us, this December is lining up to be busier than ever before. Companies are going all out, throwing huge Christmas parties for all staff and their loved ones....
Posted November 16, 2021

Eliminate The Turkey Neck This Christmas

We all know that the skin is very susceptible to signs of ageing, and the neck is one of the biggest problem areas for many individuals. As we get older, the skin on the face and neck starts to sag and lose its elasticity. Not only that, but tissue in the face loses volume with...
Posted November 9, 2021

Straight Off The Runway: Biggest Beauty & Body Trends For 2022

Fashion week has finally been able to take to the catwalk for the Spring / Summer 2022 shows, and the much-loved event did not disappoint. 2022 might feel like a million miles away, but in just a couple of months, we will be ringing in the new year and preparing ourselves for another year ahead....
Posted November 2, 2021

Getting Ready For Spring 2022 With These Fashion Trends

The weather might be turning colder, but now is the time to start preparing yourself for the upcoming spring season. Following months of staying at home and being unable to get out to major events, many of us are excited for the opportunity to dress up and get back out to normal life. Fashion week...

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