Loose Skin Under Arms

Loose Skin Under Arms

Loose Skin Under Arms

Sagging tissue and loose skin under the arms is a common feature for many men and women and can be caused by many different reasons. This appears as loose, excess skin and tissue around the armpits and can be unsightly and cause individuals to be self-conscious of the area.

Ageing plays a big part in loose skin on all areas of the body, including under the arms. As the skin gets older, it loses its collagen and elastin levels which results in it becoming saggy and less tight. This sagging, loose skin tends to build up in specific problem areas such as under the arms. Weight loss can also play a part in loose skin, and if men or women lose a lot of weight or even just a few pounds, it can leave the skin sagging.

Loose skin under the arms can sometimes be reduced through toning nearby muscles such as the triceps, but this does not always work well, especially if the loose skin is caused by ageing. Many people turn to cosmetic treatments for fixing loose skin under the arms.

Loose Skin Under Arms Treatments At Hans Place Practice

Hans Place Practice is a specialist cosmetic treatment practice, and our team of experts can conduct a full skincare assessment to determine the best treatment for loose skin under the arms.


Our top treatment option for reducing loose skin is Renuvion. This is a revolutionary treatment that can tighten soft tissue and the skin without the need for invasive surgery. Renuvion involves a small wand being precisely inserted into the problem area using tiny incisions in the skin. This wand applies radio-frequency energy cooled by helium into the area, and this energy contracts the subdermal collagen tissue to boost production and firm skin. Results are instant and continue to improve for up to a year after treatment.

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VASER Liposuction

VASER lipo is an optional treatment that can be used alongside Renuvion to reduce loose skin on the arms. Vaser liposuction uses sound energy to breakdown fatty tissue under the skin, which can contribute to loose skin under the arms. This treatment is particularly good at treating deep and superficial fat and leaving a smooth, toned result.

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