Lip Enhancement


Dermal fillers for fuller lips

LIP ENHANCEMENTThe lips can shrink with age and lose their plumpness and definition due to the loss of fat and collagen. This can cause lipstick to bleed and many women feel it ages them. Some patients, however, say they’ve always had thin lips, or that they don’t like their lip shape. Full, volumous lips have always been a sign of youth and many women would like to achieve this look in order to boost their confidence and to feel more attractive.

For a fuller, more youthful and sensual look, lips can be treated with dermal fillers for a temporary effect.

However, lips can be one of the most difficult areas to treat; in the hands of an inexperienced practitioner, you could end up with a ‘trout pout’. It is very important that the practitioner you choose has extensive experience in this area and knows the results he can achieve without over filling the lips or mis-shaping them.

Dr Comins has extensive experience in this area, having treated hundreds of lips. He has also corrected a large number of unsatisfactory treatments performed by other clinics.

At Hans Place Practice, all patients having lip enhancement discuss their expectations with Dr Comins prior to their treatment, as it is vital to be advised about the best way to achieve the look you want.

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