Stubborn Fat In Waist

Stubborn Fat In Waist


Stubborn fat in the waist and around the abdomen is common among both men and women. Often referred to as a ‘spare tire’ or ‘love handles’, it is a completely normal place for the body to store fat. Everyone’s body will store excess fat slightly differently, but for women, in particular, the waist is a common area.

This fat on the waist can be very stubborn and not seem to reduce even with a healthy diet and good exercise regime. Some areas of fat are more difficult to shift than others, because of the way the pockets of fat are used up by the body. Stubborn fat in the waist is visceral fat which means it lies very deep inside the middle of the body, surrounding organs and pushing outwards to make the area look more prominent.

Stubborn fat around the back of the waist is different as it is subcutaneous fat, which means it is a layer of fat that sits just below the skin. Visceral fat is usually the first fat to be lost through exercise and dieting, while subcutaneous fat can sometimes be much more difficult to lose.

Stubborn Fat In Waist Treatments At Hans Place Practice

Stubborn fat in the waist often leads to an individual being self-conscious about their body and can affect their self-confidence. There are treatment options to help reduce the appearance of stubborn fat in the waist;

VASER Liposuction

VASER liposuction uses targeted ultrasound technology to give results similar to traditional liposuction without the need for invasive surgery. A small probe is used to transmit sound energy into the waist area, which breaks up and emulsifies the stubborn fat tissue. This probe is particularly good at treating deep, superficial fat layers that are often found in the waist. The liquefied fat is then removed using an aspiration process, and the area is sculpted utilising an array of specialist cannulas.

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When VASER lipo is used to treat stubborn fat on the waist, Renuvion can be used alongside this to leave skin tight and firm. Renuvion is a groundbreaking treatment that uses helium-cooled radio-frequency energy to encourage collagen production in the skin. The result is instantly firmed, smoother and tightened skin.

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