Chest Shaping for men

Pectoral shaping for men

Many men work hard in the gym but building pectoral muscle size can be hard depending on your natural body shape. Exercise and diet alone may not be enough and many men simply don’t have enough time to see the results they want from working out. Genetics also can play a part in body shape and for some, it may not be possible to obtain a muscular looking chest no matter how much gym work is involved.

Chest shaping is now available at Hans Place Practice and is giving fantastic results. There is no need for a general anaesthetic and down time is minimal due to the less invasive nature of the treatment. Many patients are now looking to these procedures to fit in to their heavy schedules and busy lives.

Dr Comins is one of the UK’s most experienced doctors in body shaping treatments. He understands that body confidence sometimes needs a little extra help. He has performed over 3000 Vaser Liposuction surgeries to date and has won awards for his Vaser Liposuction work.

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