Inner Thigh Rubbing

Inner Thigh Rubbing


Inner thigh rubbing can occur when the thighs rub together during walking and exercise, and it can be a painful problem for many men and women. As well as causing pain and chaffing, inner thigh rubbing can become embarrassing for some. It can lead to self-consciousness about the thighs appearance and have an effect on an individual self-confidence.

The leading cause of inner thigh rubbing is excess fat on the thighs, and this is a common occurrence for a lot of people. The thighs can be prone to storing fatty tissue, and in many people, it is one of the first places the body will keep extra fat. Thighs are naturally fatty areas of the body, and this can make it very difficult to lose the fat around the top of the legs. When the excess fat results in there being no defined thigh gap, it can lead to inner thigh rubbing.

Inner Thigh Rubbing Treatments At Hans Place Practice

Our doctors at Hans Place Practice are specialists in non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments for cosmetic issues such as inner thigh rubbing. We invite anyone considering treatment for inner thigh rubbing to book in for a full skincare assessment.

VASER Liposuction

Hans Place Practice is one of the leading providers of VASER Liposuction, with a wealth of experience in using the treatment to fix inner thigh rubbing. VASER Lipo uses ultrasound technology to selectivity remove fat from the thighs and reshape the area to reduce rubbing. During treatment, a probe is used to transmit the energy and break up the excess fat cells. These are them removed from the body using an aspiration process that has been designed to protect the other surrounding tissues.

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Renuvion can be used on top of VASER Liposuction in order to tighten and tone the skin on the thighs after the fat has been removed. Fat loss can result in sagging skin, and Renuvion uses radio-frequency energy to treat this. The energy causes the subdermal collagen tissue to contract, which boosts the production of collagen production in the body. This additional collagen results in the skin being instantly tightened and firmed.

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