Acne Scar Treatment


About Acne

What causes acne and acne scars?

Acne is an unsightly skin condition that can be hard to resolve and when left untreated it can leave behind scars of varying severity. Deep acne scars or pitting can cause as much embarrassment and social discomfort as the original condition.

Acne is the common cause of spots. Most people with acne are aged between 12 and 25, but some older and younger people are affected. Boys are more commonly affected than girls. Acne usually affects the face but may also affect the back, neck, and chest. The severity can range from mild to severe. About 9 in 10 teenagers develop some degree of acne. Often it is mild. However, it is estimated that about 3 in 10 teenagers have acne bad enough to need treatment to prevent scarring. Untreated acne usually lasts about 4-5 years before settling. However, it can last for many years in some cases.

Acne scar treatment

Luckily there are now a range of acne treatments that are effective and are available here at Hans Place Practice.

Treatment options will depend on the severity of the scars but the aim is to regenerate collagen in that area. We recommend Obagi combined with INTRAcel. This is a high-tech, combination treatment and can improve acne scars in just a few sessions.

INTRAcel is an in-clinic treatment and unlike deep chemical peels or ablative lasers it has minimal side effects.

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