Fat Under Chin

The area under the chin and around the neck is a common problem area for many individuals. It is prone to collecting excess fat and often results in fat under the chin, also referred to as a double chin. Fat under chin is something that thousands of men and women of all ages suffer from, […]

Drooping Mouth Corners

Many people often suffer from looking annoyed or depressed at all times, even when it is not the case, and a common cause of this is drooping mouth corners. These drooping mouth corners are also often called ‘wrinkles of sadness’ due to the way they can make the face look. Drooping mouth corners are usually […]

Bags Under Eyes

One common complaint of many men and women is bags under the eyes which can appear as puffy, dark areas below the eyes. Bags under eyes are often caused by tiredness and stress and can affect anyone no matter their age or skin condition. They are most common among older people and those with a […]

Heavy Brow

The shape of your eyebrows and the position of them can have a significant impact on your overall appearance, and it comes down to more than just plucking and waxing for the desired look. Those with a heavy brow might experience their eyebrows sagging down, which can result in looking upset, angry or tired. There […]

Loose Skin On Neck

A common side effect of getting older is developing loose skin on the neck. Sometimes referred to as ‘turkey neck’, it involves having sagging, wrinkled skin on the neck and below the chin. Most people with loose skin on the neck will have it as a result of ageing, and it is an entirely natural […]

Weak Chin

A weak chin is often also referred to as a receding chin, and it is when the lower jawbone is pushed backwards or underdeveloped. The result is a chin and jawline that looks as though it leans in towards the neck. A weak chin is less pronounced and defined, and in some cases, it makes […]

Weak Jawline

The jawline has a significant impact on your overall facial aesthetics, and it is one of the most defining parts of your appearance. One common complaint when it comes to facial appearance is a weak jawline. A weak jawline often involves having a receding chin which is set back from the face, or a jawline […]

Tired Eyes

The eyes are often the first area to begin to show the signs of ageing, and many men and women suffer from tired eyes. Eyes appearing aged and tired could be a result of allergies or a loss of sleep, but it can also be caused by ageing or even sun damage. Those who suffer […]

Thin Lips

Thin lips are an extremely common complaint among both men and women, especially as full, plump lips are often perceived as being aesthetically pleasing. Those with thin lips will often have a smaller, thinner mouth, and it is a completely natural thing that thousands are born with. There often isn’t any specific cause for thin […]

Sunken Cheeks

A loss of volume in the face is a common symptom of getting older and can result in sunken cheeks in both men and women. They appear as sunk in, saggy cheeks, as opposed to plump and firm cheeks which are often found on young people. The leading cause of sunken cheeks is ageing. As […]