Wrinkled Skin On Hands

Wrinkled Skin On Hands

When we think of signs of ageing, we often think about the face becoming wrinkled and sagging, but the face isn’t the only place that signs of ageing can show. Wrinkled skin on the hands is a common complaint among both men and women as they get older. The skin on the hands and fingers is known as glabrous, which means it is hairless and smooth. This can make wrinkles and other signs of ageing on the hands more obvious and prominent. Wrinkled skin on the hands develops over time because of a loss of collagen, which reduces the elasticity in the skin. This causes the skin on the hands to sag and loses firmness. On top of this, the hands can lose fullness in tissue and muscle with age, which results in wrinkled skin on hands.

Wrinkled Skin On Hands Treatments At Hans Place Practice

While wrinkled skin on the hands is a completely natural part of getting older; it can result in self-consciousness and a drop in confidence for some. At Hans Place Practice, we understand that signs of ageing can be disheartening. We offer a range of treatment options that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkled skin on hands.


INTRAcel is used to target collagen production in areas such as the hands. It is a high-tech skin rejuvenation treatment that leaves skin smooth, firm and tightened while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It uses a combination of micro-needling, radiofrequency technology and fractional treatments to deliver results that are natural and youthful. Find out more about INTRAcel here.

Dermal Fillers

When a loss in tissue causes wrinkled skin on hands, dermal fillers can be a successful treatment option. This cosmetic treatment is used to plump up diminished areas and restore the skin’s appearance. Dermal fillers use a substance similar to the body’s own hyaluronic acid to fill, smooth and plump wrinkled skin on the hands. Find out more about dermal fillers here.


Obagi is a range of clinically proven skin health products and systems that can help to reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkled skin on the hands. They have been specially designed to improve penetration of cosmetic and prescription agents into the skin barrier. As Obagi contains prescription-strength formulas, the products are only available from cosmetic doctors and dermatologists. Discover our Obagi Skincare range here.

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