Vaser Liposuction Mid Def

SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20160608154551116_B SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20160608154551116_A

Vaser Mid Def Abdomen

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Vaser Hi Definition Abs

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Vaser Hi Definition liposuction abs

vaser hi def vaser hi def

Vaser Hi definition Liposuction supplemented with gym and a healthy diet can lead to dramatic changes.

Vaser Liposuction abs and six pack Vaser Liposuction abs and six pack

Vaser Hi def or 4D liposuction of the abdomen

Vaser liposuction hi def Vaser liposuction hi definition

Vaser Liposuction, mid def abs- removes the fatty tissue the sculpt around the abs muscles to create a toned, washboard look.

SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20160608154551116_B SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20160608154551116_A

Vaser hi definition liposuction on the abdomen. Scars are hidden under the breasts, in the tummy button and below the bikini line.

Vaser-Mid-Def-5-17_B Vaser-Mid-Def-5-17_A

Vaser Mid definition on the chest and abdomen. Mid definition isn't as sculpted as hi definition. A lot of patient prefer this look as it can appear more natural.

mid-def-12_B mid-def-12_A

Vaser Liposuction is a great treatment for stubborn areas of fat.

SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20141029151008359_B SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20141029151008359_A

Vaser Liposuction of the lower abdomen, is a straight forwards treatment that can easily be done using just local anaesthetic

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vaser liposuction on the abdomen- flattens the tummy

AH-1 (2)_B AH-1 (2)_A

Vaser liposuction of the abdomen. Treating the lower back too can really help shape the profile and buttocks.

SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20150424162128214_B SAMPLES, VASER (20111121142144133) 20150424162128214_A

Vaser liposuction is often combined with Renuvion for skin tightening to help restore the post pregnancy abdomen.

Image 109-1_B Image 109-1_A

Vaser liposuction of the abdomen. The after photo was taken immediately after treatment. Swelling will form which is helped with the compression garment and gentle massage.

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Vaser liposuction of the abdomen. Depending on the body weight around 4- 5L of fat can be removed as a day case.

vaser lipo side view_B vaser lipo side view_A

Vaser liposuction of the tummy area. Sometimes area of fatty tissue just don't shift with exercise and diet alone.

vaser-mid-def-abdo_B vaser-mid-def-abdo_A

Vaser liposuction, abdomen, waist and flanks. A stubborn fatty ring around the lower torso is a very common issue with men.

mid-def-18_B mid-def-18_A

Vaser liposuction to the abdomen or tummy fat.

Mid-def-10-17_B Mid-def-10-17_A

Vaser liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen and waist

Mid-def-2-10-18_B Mid-def-2-10-18_A

Vaser Hi def liposuction to bring out the abdominal mid line ( Linea Alba)

Image 69_B Image 69_A

Vaser Hi definition of the abdomen. For some people, the six pack is hard to bring through with exercise and diet alone.

hi-def-2016-2_B hi-def-2016-2_A
vaser-hi-def-2015-1_B vaser-hi-def-2015-1_A

Vaser mid definition liposuction, not only can we flatten the tummy but we can also sculpt a toned look

Image 32_B Image 32_A

Vaser mid definition liposuction- tones the abs and brings in waist

FENBE8388 (1)_B FENBE8388 (1)_A

Vaser mid definition liposuction toned abs

Image 38_B Image 38_A

Vaser mid definition liposuction sculpted, gym toned abs

Image 63_B Image 64_A

Vaser mid definition brings through the toned vertical lines on the abs

Image 26_B Image 26_A

Vaser mid definition abdomen- flattens the tummy and creates toned abs

22114421650_B 22114421650_A

Vaser mid definition abdomen and waist creates a toned sculpted look

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Image 40_B Image 40_A
AH-1 (2)_B AH-1 (2)_A

Vaser Hi definition, abdomen.

hi-def-f_B hi-def-f_A
hi-def-7-16_B hi-def-7-16_A
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