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Dermal fillers and the 7 to 9 point Face Lift

Dermal fillers and the 7 to 9 point Face Lift

Dermal fillers and the 7 to 9 point Face Lift

Non Surgical Face Lifts

There are various non surgical treatments on the market for non surgical face lifts. A particularly effective and instant treatment is The Fluid Face Lift or the 7 to 9 point lift ( 7 for women, 9 for men) are terms used to describe appearance enhancing  effects of the face using facial volume enhancers, in one or several area including;  around the cheek bones, tear trough, jawline, preauricular depressions, chin, lips, around the mouth and eyes and temporal areas to replace the volume lost through ageing.  Using the latest Vycross fillers such as  Voluma, Volift and Volbella the effects achieved, if applied correctly and in the right amounts can be very impressive and natural looking. Essentially if your re inflate these specific points of the face you get the perception of a lift.

Sometimes if best to combine the  7 to 9 point lift with other treatments such as  wrinkle injections or Ultracel to lift the brow. Ultracel can also be used to further lift and tighten the mid, lower face and neck. INTRAcel  is very good for skin texture improvement, fine line reduction, acne, acne scar pores and general rejuvenation.

Dr Comins has over 19 years’ experience in facial  treatments and has a passion for giving all his patients a natural look that isn’t “overdone”. This he is able to achieve by using his skills and expertise as a cosmetic doctor. His eye for detail and gentle treatment is key in producing a look that you will be delighted with. With the wide range of products and treatments now available it is now possible to obtain a younger looking, smoother complexion, relax facial wrinkles and lift and tone the skin for a younger looking you.

Fluid Face-Lift FAQ’s

Hans Place Practice also provide at home use skin care such as Obagi and Epionce so that you can continue the good work of Dr. Comins, enhance skin quality for a better overall result  and maintain a youthful, clean and smooth complexion. Daily use of quality, prescribed skincare is essential in order to see the true benefit of aesthetic facial treatments and Dr. Comins and the team will be happy to assist you to obtain the products that are right for your skin type.

To book your consultation with Dr Comins please call us on 0207 584 1642 and we will be happy to assist you.

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