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Treating the Décolletage

Treating the Décolletage

Treating the Décolletage

The cleavage or décolletage area is susceptible to accelerated sun damage because the skin in this area is delicate. It’s easy to forget to apply sun protection or moisturisers and if skin becomes dry it’s even more vulnerable to environmental damage.

As we age skin loses its natural firmness and can start to sag and wrinkle. Pigmentation, or sunspots can appear and some women feel self-conscious about what clothes they choose. There is no longer any reason why a woman with around a thousand pounds or a birthday coming up should suffer the ignominy of a lined, wrinkled, red-patchy, sun damaged chest any longer. A wrinkled décolletage begins to be a problem for most women as they pass 40. Too much sun, hardly any SPF cream on the chest, concentrating more on the face when applying sunscreen can damage the collagen, create sunspots and dehydrate skin. Perfume is also to blame as it causes skin staining as we splash it around our chests and down our cleavage. Another contributing factor, apart from the sun and the passing years is the way we sleep. That comforting foetal position we roll into each night, all curled up on your side with your arms together can play a part in the wrinkling effect on the décolletage.

There’s no need to cover up. There are a number of non-invasive treatment options that are available for the décolletage and are available at Hans Place Practice. INTRAcel, which combines micro needling with radio frequency to stimulate collagen and dermal fillers can hydrate, plump and smooth the area. Skin care is also vital to maintaining a youthful appearance to the skin at home. Dr Comins recommends Obagi prescription products as well as Epionce botanical skincare. Obagi offer a range of products specifically for the décolletage and therefore are a great follow on treatment to any in-clinic procedures.

To book your consultation with Dr. Comins to discuss Anti-ageing the décolletage please call 0207 584 1642.

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