Chin Enlargement And Augmentation: How To Get The Best Results?

Chin Enlargement And Augmentation: How To Get The Best Results?

Men are often looking for ways to achieve a chiselled chin and strong, defined jawline. Chin enlargement and chin augmentation are both common treatment options for defining and shaping the chin to achieve this look.

The chin and jawline can have a real impact on the overall harmony of the face and can alter the entire look of the facial structure. A withdrawn chin or chin that is disproportionate with the rest of the face can result in other facial features looking protruded or unbalanced. Chin enlargement and augmentation can help with this.

Chin augmentation treatments are becoming more and more popular among both men and women. These kinds of treatments have seen a rise in recent months, despite many individuals being forced to stay home. The impact of home working and video conferencing has led to more individuals choosing beauty treatments because of the “Zoom effect”.

The Zoom effect is the impact of home workers spending hours a day looking at themselves on Zoom. Many people are beginning to notice facial features they are unhappy with, including weak chins and undefined jawlines.

How To Get The Best Results From Chin Enlargement And Augmentation?

If you have been considering undergoing a chin enlargement treatment, there are a few things you should consider. There is no right time to decide to undergo cosmetic surgery, but you should be confident that is the right choice for you. Before you go ahead with chin enlargement and augmentation treatment, be sure to consider these important factors;

Clearly Define Your Goals

The most vital aspect you need to consider is what your overall goals are. So that you can choose the right options for chin enlargement, your goals for the treatment need to be clear. Ask yourself exactly what it is that you want to achieve from this treatment. For many men, they choose chin enlargement because they want a more masculine jawline and chiselled chin.

Write down your goals and spend some time really thinking about what it is that you want. Once you are set on your prospective goals, then you should discuss them with your practitioner. They will be able to give you details on the best ways to achieve your chin enlargement goals.

Consider Fat Reduction Treatment

Fat reduction treatments, such as Vaser Liposuction, are often thought to be reserved for large areas of stubborn fat, such as around the stomach, flanks and thighs. In actual fact, you can use Vaser lipo in many areas, including the hard-to-shift fat cells around your chin and jaw.

For many individuals, excess fat around the chin is part of a genetic makeup. Because of this, natural fat loss options often don’t work, and aesthetic treatments are a good solution. Vaser Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure which can work to reduce fat cells in a targeted area.

Using ultrasound technology, a medical practitioner will remove fat cells from the chin and neck. A practitioner can also use this treatment to sculpt the chin and jawline to create a more defined look.

Choose Dermal Fillers For Shape

If you are looking for chin enlargement because you want to alter the shape of your chin, then dermal fillers might be the best option. Chin augmentation and enlargement can work to make the chin more angular or rounder, depending on your goals.

A practitioner may use dermal fillers alongside other types of treatment, such as Vaser Liposuction. Dermal fillers are a very popular cosmetic treatment, and thousands of individuals have them regularly. They can be used for various areas of the face, including chin enlargement. This type of treatment works by plumping out the chin and jawline area to create a chiselled look or new shape.

The body naturally breaks down dermal fillers over time, so they are not a permanent treatment. However, they will last several months, and it is possible to enjoy regularly top-ups.

Incorporate Skin Tightening Treatments

No matter the results you are trying to achieve from chin augmentation, you will want to ensure the skin around the area is tight. Sagging, excess skin and jowls are a common problem for many around the chin area. This can be caused by the natural ageing process, weight loss or genetics.

Chin enlargement and augmentation can include skin tightening treatments such as Renuvion. Renuvion is an innovative cosmetic treatment which uses radio-frequency energy. This energy works to contract the collagen tissue in the skin and boost natural collagen production. The result is instantly firmer and tighter skin. When used alongside dermal fillers or Vaser Lipo, Renuvion can be an effective part of a chin enlargement or augmentation.

Take Recovery Time Into Account

Chin enlargement and augmentation treatments can vary greatly. Because of this, each patient will have different recovery times. Before going ahead with your treatment, make sure you know exactly how long you will need for recovery.

Some invasive chin procedures require lengthy recovery times and can be painful. Minimally invasive procedures such as Vaser Lipo, dermal fillers and Renuvion, require very little recovery time. It is vital to understand how long you will need to recover before you go ahead with treatment. This gives you time to plan your recovery and take time off work if necessary.

Many of the minor treatments that we use at Hans Place for chin enlargement require just a local anaesthetic and small skin incisions, so recovery times are just a few days.

Choose A Practitioner You Trust

The results of your chin enlargement treatment will only ever be as good as the practitioner you choose. One of the most important parts of choosing a medical practitioner for treatments is to choose one that you can trust.

Look for professionals with plenty of experience in chin enlargement and ask to see before and after pictures. Do your research to find previous patient testimonials and check that your chosen practitioner has adequate training and certification.

Here at Hans Place Practice, we offer chin enlargement and augmentation using a range of treatments. Dr Mike Comins is a leading practitioner and an expert in minimally invasive treatments such as Vaser Lipo, Renuvion and Dermal Fillers. For more information on chin enlargement at Hans Place, and to book your first consultation, get in touch with our friendly team today.


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