The Zoom Effect: How Jaw Contouring Is On The Rise

The Zoom Effect: How Jaw Contouring Is On The Rise

One of the impacts of lockdown in 2020 has been a surprising increase in cosmetic procedure demand. There are several reasons for this rise; including the fact that patients can now spend more time at home for their recovery, but also because of the ‘Zoom effect’ where the increased use of videoconferencing is leading many people to look and analyse their own appearance more.

One of the most popular treatments stemming from the Zoom effect is jaw contouring. So, what jaw contouring, and why is the Zoom effect having such a significant impact on cosmetic procedure demand?

The Lockdown Face And The Zoom Effect

In 2020, many people have been spending more time at home, including remote working. One of the most popular ways to stay in touch during lockdown was through videoconferencing platforms. For example, the virtual meeting app, Zoom, saw a 2000% increase in new users during lockdown.

This increase in usage has led many people to spend several hours a day staring at their own camera reflections during meetings and having a chance to compare facial features side by side to their friends, clients and colleagues in real-time. When it comes to Zoom and other videoconferencing software, it involves facing your webcam at a particular angle for a prolonged period. This is often the first time that people have had the chance to study their facial features and how it appears to others for such extended periods.

Consequently, this in-depth self-analysis is leading many to consider the facial enhancements that can boost their self-esteem and confidence. One facial feature that is seeing noticeable attention is the jawline.

Defined Jawline

A defined jawline is one of the most distinguishing parts of the appearance. For all genders, the jaw can make a significant impact on your facial aesthetics. A strong jaw is typically synonymous with youth and beauty.

With apps such as FaceTime and Zoom, people typically have to look down into the camera. This is highlighting the jaw as an area that people want to enhance. So much so that aesthetic practitioners are noticing that client requests for jawline contouring procedures has tripled since the pandemic began.

Furthermore, Save Face has seen a 40% increase in traffic to their website as people begin researching treatments which the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) say that its doctors have had a 70% increase in virtual consultation requests.

One of the most common complaints that patients have is that of a weak jawline, receding or double chin, which has become more prevalent with the amount of time that people are spending looking and comparing their facial features on video cameras.

The Rise Of Jawline Contouring During Lockdown

Jawline contouring or neck rejuvenation can be a multi-level approach when it comes to treatment. The right procedures for the individual will depend on their current jawline, age and aesthetic objectives.

For example, those with excess skin or fat around the mandible or neck may opt for liposuction. This approach can rejuvenate the neck. Younger individuals who have firmer skin, but a soft jawline may opt for dermal fillers. Fillers offer a way to contour the lines of the jaw and create a more defined and strengthened looking jawline.

While the Zoom effect may be highlighting this facial feature more, there are many other reasons why the pandemic is causing an increase in demand. To start with, time at home during lockdown is giving people more time to think about and research various treatment options.

Research, Rest And Recovery

In many cases, patients have been considering a procedure long before the pandemic. Indeed, there has been a strong rise in cosmetic procedures with the increase of selfies and the pursuit of selfie perfection. However, more time at home, a chance to reflect and conduct thorough research about safe treatments is allowing individuals to choose their practitioner, and treatment carefully.

Furthermore, lockdown has given people the chance to enjoy more downtime and consequently stay at home while they heal and recover from any procedure. There is also the opportunity of wearing a mask for when individuals go out in public which can help those who feel self-conscious during recovery.

The increase in treatments and enquiries has also gone hand in hand with urgency in demand. People are looking to have treatment completed quickly in case of another lockdown. Fortunately, many of the treatment options for jaw contouring can be completed as day cases, with some taking less than an hour to complete.

How Jaw Contouring Works

As mentioned above, jawline and neck issues can vary from person to person. They can be dependent on a variety of factors, including age. This means there is a variety of treatment options, including many non-surgical options and injectables.

In younger individuals, jaw contouring treatment may be used to improve the shape of the jaw. This may be softer due to a lack of bone or lack of underlying volume. For older individuals, jaw treatment may help to treat an area which has lost definition. This could be due to a breakdown of elastin, loss of fat in the area or loss of bone. In order to get the best results for each individual, practitioners will often suggest multiple approaches to try and achieve the desired effect.

At Hans Place, we offer expertise in jaw contouring and neck rejuvenation. Our skilled team can offer a variety of effective treatment options, including;

VASER Liposuction

This can help to remove fat from below the chin to help reduce the double chin effect. VASER can help to make the jawline pop with definition. This treatment option is incredibly effective on stubborn fat pockets. Furthermore, it is minimally invasive for faster recovery.


Renuvion is a technologically advanced way to tighten and tone the jawline and neck. This works by stimulating new collagen production. This method helps to enhance the tone and texture of the skin. Consequently, making the skin look tighter and, therefore, the jaw look more defined.

Dermal Fillers

Ideal for individuals who have lost volume and definition around the jawline, dermal fillers can be used to add volume and to aesthetically sculpt the jaw for an enhanced appearance.


This state-of-the-art skin tightening treatment works to tighten the tissue around the jawline. This helps to make the jaw look stronger and more prominent. This technique uses ultrasound and radio frequencies. Both of which promote collagen production to achieve the desired result.

To find out more about how Hans Place Practice can help you with jaw contouring and neck rejuvenation procedures, please get in touch to book your initial consultation.

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