How To Achieve The Golden Jawline

How To Achieve The Golden Jawline

For a long time, our focus has been on plumped cheeks, and defined lips; the jaw was more of an afterthought. But now, more men and women are noticing their jaw definition and becoming increasingly unhappy with its overall appearance. The jaw creates part of our facial profile and defines our image from every angle. As looking down into our phones and webcams becomes more common, the focus on the jawline is becoming more apparent too.

The search for that elusive golden jawline has become a big thing in recent years. Women are looking for delicate, smooth and tight jawlines whilst men want a jawline that appears chiselled and strong.

Cosmetic work around the jawline has always been notoriously tricky, that is until the rise of jawline filler. Jawline filler is becoming more and more popular, as people begin to realise the huge results the non-invasive treatment can bring.

What Is A Golden Jawline?

Just like every feature on our body, everyone has a unique jawline. Some people are born with well defined, sleek jawlines, while others have a less defined shape or bumpier appearance.

The term golden jawline is thrown around a lot recently, particularly when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The truth is, the golden jawline is not one shape or look for the jaw. Instead, it is about a jawline that you are happy with.

For most women, this is a defined V shape which is delicate and not too harsh. For men, this is a chiselled, strong look. Because everyone’s face shape and features are different, a jawline that looks good on one could not suit another.

As we age, our face shape begins to change and transform. This is often particularly prominent in the jawline, and gravity is usually to blame. As the face loses fullness and skin sags, it falls to around the jaw. This can cause a baggy jawline, double chin and many other common concerns. It is often as people get older that they become unhappy with their jaw shape and turn to solutions such as jawline filler.

How Does Jawline Filler Work?

Creating a defined jawline with surgery is particularly challenging. The surgery is lengthy, and there is a lot of painful recovery time afterwards. Other alternatives to full-blown surgery have come into play, including facelifts and V line surgery.

Both of these options also come with several downsides, as they are invasive procedures. This is where jawline filler comes in. It is a non-invasive treatment that can help to achieve the golden jawline without long recoveries and painful procedures.

Jawline filler works to enhance the appearance around the chin and jaw area. A practitioner will inject dermal fillers into the jawline and surrounding areas to add definition and plump out sagging areas. With this, you can reduce the appearance of jowls, and the entire bottom half of the face can appear tighter using jawline fillers. For some patients, jawline concerns are as a result of lost volume in the cheeks and face, causing the skin to sag.

Fillers can also help to plump and restore lost volume within the face and pull the jawline back into shape. You can also use jawline filler to create that highly sought after, reverse ‘L’ shape at the point where the jaw meets the ear.

Dermal filler is usually used for jawline filler, and it is the process of injecting a solution under the skin. There are over 300 different types of dermal fillers available. Most of these are a clear gel which is very similar to hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in the skin, and it keeps the skin hydrated and elastic. Over time, the hyaluronic acid levels in the skin decrease, causing signs of ageing. Dermal fillers can rejuvenate and enhance the skin and jawline effortlessly.

Why Is A Golden Jawline So Popular?

Jawline filler has become a very popular treatment for both men and women because of the impressive results it can offer. The look of the jawline can dramatically change the entire facial profile. It impacts how we look from every single angle and can be a huge source of insecurity for some.

When you have a jawline that you aren’t happy with, it can dramatically impact your self-esteem and self-confidence. In today’s media, we are always seeing models and celebrities with strong, defined jaws and deep V shapes. This makes it a struggle to not compare our own looks.

Using dermal fillers to achieve a golden jawline is increasingly popular because it helps people to feel happier in their appearance. Getting the golden jawline that you dream of can do wonders for your confidence.

Another reason more and more individuals are choosing to undergo jawline filler treatments is that it is a simple procedure with no downtime. It involves a few small injections into the jawline and lower face, and results are immediate.

Apart from some slight redness and swelling from the injections, there is very little recovery time or need for time away from your daily life. You can get that golden jawline within a few minutes and have results that last for many months.

How Hans Place Practice Can Help You Achieve The Golden Jawline

Here at Hans Place Practice, we are experts using jawline filler to create the golden jawline. Whether you are concerned about your jawline being too weak, sagging or undefined, we are here to help. We use the highest quality jawline filler to rejuvenate and sculpt the jaw area.

Our team will talk you through your concerns and the results you want to achieve, in order to suggest the best treatment option. Because we understand that no two people, or jawlines, are the same, all of our jawline filler treatments are created bespoke to your needs.

Dr Mike Comins is a highly experienced professional when it comes to minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. He has helped many patients achieve the golden jawline and is highly skilled in using jawline filler to define and sculpt the face.

If you are unhappy with your jaw shape and looking for the golden jawline, then get in touch today. Our team can talk you through the non-invasive treatment options we can offer.

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