Temple Tweakments: The Subtle Treatment That's A Game Changer For The Face

Temple Tweakments: The Subtle Treatment That’s A Game Changer For The Face

There is no getting away from the fact that we age, and there is no stopping it, it’s just a natural part of life that we have to accept. As we age our bodies and skin go through many changes including wrinkles, saggy skin and lines.

While many people accept these, others choose to do something about it with surgery. The downside is plastic surgery is expensive and invasive and is not known for subtly. Thankfully, there is an alternative which is a more subtle treatment and a game changer for anyone with wrinkles and hollow temples.

No, we are not talking about having found the fountain of youth. Instead, we are talking about treatment for hollow temples that is aesthetic and non-invasive. We are talking about dermal fillers.

What causes hollow temples?

So, we know that ageing causes wrinkles and saggy skin, but what causes hollow temples?

The levels of subcutaneous tissue and fat in the face are reduced as we grow older, which causes different effects on facial appearances.

One of the most common is the hollowing of the temples. By this, we mean the area surrounding the temples begins to take on a wasted look as it seemingly sinks in. This can make a face look gaunt and gives it an angular appearance.

The loss of volume in the face through the reduction of fat is often combined with skin losing elastin and collagen, which depletes with age. Even bone loss can contribute to making hollow temples stand out even more.

When you have hollow temples, it can make crow’s feet stand out more, along with making your brow look more prominent and take on a heavy appearance. In some cases, the hollowness can even alter the shape of the face and make it look longer.

Improving the look of hollow temples with makeup

Depending on your personal preference. it may be possible to use makeup to make your hollow temples and cheeks look better temporarily. It isn’t classed as a treatment, more of a trick.

  1. The first step involves putting on a concealer that is lighter than the dark hollows of your temples or cheeks. So gently rub and smooth the concealer into the dark area to lighten it and blend it into the surrounding skin.
  2. Then apply your chosen colour of foundation; again a lighter shade than your skin colour may give the best results for darker areas. Massage this into the area and blend out into the surrounding skin using a blending brush.
  3. If the area still looks hollow and dark, you can reapply more concealer on top of the foundation.
  4. Finally, finish off with fixing powder.

This isn’t by any means the best way to go about getting rid of your hollow temples, but it can help to minimise their appearance. The makeup trick can also be useful for minimising dark shadows under the eyes and other areas of the face. Of course, this will not provide the same results as dermal filler treatment.

Can temple massage techniques help?

Some people claim that certain massage techniques can help hollow temples look better. Again, this is not going to have the same results as dermal filler, but it might work alongside having treatment.

The first step to the massage is to use your fingertips to massage the muscles around the temples for around 20 seconds. Start by putting your fingers in your hair close to the face and temples as though you are going to brush it back. Work your way around the temple area in your hair close to the forehead.

Then place your palms on the side of your temples, pressing lightly rotate your palms in a circular motion lifting them slightly as you do so. Do this 20 times.

You should then place your palms over the temples and pull up slightly, then open and close your mouth like a goldfish 20 times.

Do this massage technique every day, and if nothing else, it will relax you.

Tweaking your temples with subtle treatment

Here at Hans Place, we offer a more subtle way of tweaking the look of your temples without having to undergo plastic surgery and spend weeks recovering. As one of the leading experts in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, we provide treatment that is discreet and barely detectable yet makes a huge difference.

Dermal fillers contain a gel that is very similar to the hyaluronic acid that is found naturally in your skin. This non-evasive treatment is completed in our day clinic and helps to plump up any area of the skin where the fat has been lost, including hollow temples. Working alongside the hyaluronic acid already in the skin, the injection reduces the hollowness more naturally than plastic surgery, giving great results.

Treating the temple region is difficult, and dermal filler procedures should only be undertaken by specialists to obtain the best results.

Are dermal fillers right for you?

While dermal fillers can give great results for many people, you do have to consider whether they are suitable for you. They are subtle but can give you a more youthful appearance, but they may not give you the results you’re looking for.

However, you can book a consultation at Hans Place to talk about any concerns or queries you might have regarding dermal filler suitability for your face. Then, if you decide to go ahead, we can help to enhance your temples or any other area you choose with our subtle but effective aesthetic treatment.

The benefits of dermal fillers over plastic surgery include seeing results that are subtle and natural looking but effective. In addition, the treatment recovery time from the procedure is minimal, and we use only the highest-quality fillers. Use our contact form to leave your details, and a member of our team will get back to you.

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