How To Achieve Non-Surgical Facelift Results Like Shirley Ballas

How To Achieve Non-Surgical Facelift Results Like Shirley Ballas

Strictly Come Dancing star Shirley Ballas recently shared her incredible results and how rejuvenated she felt following a non-surgical facelift she had as she had been feeling self-conscious about her looks. If you have similar feelings and would like to look a little younger and firmer, you can follow in her footsteps and achieve great results without going under the knife.

The 62-year-old is thrilled with the outcome of the cosmetic procedures, including plasma treatments; she underwent to correct sagging skin along with removing spider veins and age spots.

Shirley wanted to make changes, yet she didn’t want to go under the knife and have something as drastic as plastic surgery. This is exactly what Hans Place specialises in – minimally invasive but effective treatments. So, what treatments can you get to provide you with the same results?

Renuvion J-Plasma treatment

Shirley Ballas is a busy lady, and as such, it was important to her that the downtime was kept to a minimum. This was perhaps one of the main reasons she chose to have minimally invasive treatment instead of a surgical facelift.

One of the treatments she had was plasma treatment, and you can enjoy J-Plasma treatment by the name of Renuvion at Hans Place. This treatment gives toning and tightening, much like a facelift, but without the downtime associated with surgery.

The tautness and tone of the skin can be improved with this ground-breaking treatment, often with results being seen immediately.

Renuvion J-Plasma treatment can effectively be used in areas such as:

  • Lower face, décolletage and neck;
  • Breasts;
  • Abdomen;
  • Hips and flanks;
  • Thighs and buttocks;
  • The arms and back.

INTRAcel helps to rejuvenate the skin

One of the main issues Ms Ballas wanted to correct with minimally invasive treatment was sagging skin. A  great choice of high-tech treatment is available at Hans Place, called INTRAcel, which helps to reduce sags and wrinkles.

INTRAcel targets the production of collagen, which helps smooth, tighten and firm the skin without resorting to plastic surgery. The treatment provides the same results as a surgical facelift but without the downtime associated with going under the knife.

This treatment helps combat the signs of ageing, such as improving the skin’s texture and smoother skin and reducing sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

INTRAcel treatments are undertaken at variable depths under the skin to ensure that healthy skin isn’t damaged. The treatment is excellent for anyone worried about a decline in the skin’s firmness, wrinkles or fine lines. The treatment is perfect for the face and crow’s feet and gives the skin a more youthful appearance.

Get glowing skin with Profhilo

Following her treatments, Shirley said, “I feel like my skin is bright, it’s healthy, it looks great, I’ve got a much better jawline, so I’m very, very excited that people will recognise the results.”

If you want to enjoy the same natural glow, you might want to consider Profhilo treatment. This revolutionary minimally invasive treatment is said to be one of the best-kept secrets for skincare. Instead of being applied to the skin, the treatment is injected. Thanks to its high concentration of hyaluronic acid, the skin is hydrated.

To find out more about the results, you can get in touch with Hans Place.

Obagi topical skincare boosts nutrient levels

As part of the non-surgical facelift, Obagi Topical skincare was prescribed to Ms Ballas, and you can take advantage of the same treatment. Many people choose this non-invasive treatment either as a standalone treatment or combined with any of the other treatments for tightening and firming the skin.

Obagi products work as they change the functions of the skin at a cellular level. There is a range of topical treatments available to ensure there is a product available for any skin issue, including:

  • Acne, blemishes and acne scarring;
  • To ward off the signs of ageing;
  • Helping with blotchy, red and sore skin;
  • Helping with melisma/pigmentation;
  • Uneven skin tone;
  • Hydrates the skin;
  • Helps with elasticity.

The Obagi Nu-Derm System comprises of active and prescription ingredients to ensure it can maximise penetration of all layers of the skin. Dr Mike Comins will offer a consultation and determine the specific dose and frequency. This is based on the condition of your skin, needs and lifestyle.

The system works to give the skin a huge boost and works in the following areas:

  • It increases the turnover of cells and therefore makes it faster for new cells to emerge;
  • New cells are uniform and healthy, giving a better skin structure;
  • Helps to stop hyperpigmentation along with promoting the distribution of melanin;
  • Help to eliminate age spots and dark patches;
  • Increases collagen production and the formation of elastin. This ensures that the skin is resilient and stronger;
  • It provides natural hydration;
  • Provides the nutrients the epidermis requires;
  • Helps to improve the flow of blood to the skin.

As you can see from the above, all of this help give a natural and minimally-invasive facelift with little downtime without having surgery.

Are you looking for the Shirley Ballas effect?

Book your consultation with Dr Comins to talk about how you could benefit from the results of a facelift without the need for surgery.

Hans Place offers many award-winning treatments, all aimed at dealing with the effects ageing has on the skin. The team has more than 21 years of experience and aesthetic medical excellence, with all treatments offered in a state-of-the-art clinic in the UK.

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