Top Aesthetic Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Top Aesthetic Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Skincare has quickly become the fastest-growing trend in aesthetics and beauty. A good skincare routine is essential for health and wellness and to battle against the dreaded growing older. Here we are going to take a look at some of the top trends you should watch out for in 2023.

  1. Beauty snacking;
  2. Baby Botox;
  3. Laser mixing;
  4. Sculpting micro current devices;
  5. Instant glow-up.

So let’s delve deeper into these trends to find out what they entail and find out how you can achieve great skin and perhaps keep time at bay to avoid sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Beauty snacking for a clear complexion

The term beauty snacking can be a bit misleading as it is not about snacking on foods and goodies. Instead, the term relates to a trend that began on social media during the lockdown.

Beauty snacking, or skin snacking, as it is also called, relates to taking time out to yourself to relax and lift your mind along with pampering yourself and your skin. The snacking relates to the fact that micro beauty treatments can be squeezed into your day. In other words, you snack on beautifying yourself.

This trend might involve using a face mist to cool and soothe the skin. It could be using a jade roller for five minutes or using Obagi skin care from Hans Place.

Obagi skin care offers unparalleled results by altering how the skin functions at a cellular level. It is made up of a range of topical treatments that address many different skin concerns. The benefits of the skincare range include healthier, more uniform skin cells, prevention of hyperpigmentation, elimination of age spots, increased collagen and improved blood flow to the skin.

  1. Baby Botox treatments

One of the top aesthetic beauty trends that have increased in popularity on Tiktok is baby Botox aka mini Botox. However, people are stepping away from having regular Botox due to the fact it can leave people with plastic-looking faces that cannot smile properly, with some losing a lot of movement in the face.

Baby Botox, on the other hand, relies on just a tiny strategically placed dose of neurotoxin being injected. This smaller amount ensures wrinkles are reduced while still having all facial movement. As a result, it has become very popular among the younger generation or those who are just starting to get wrinkles.

An alternative to baby Botox is Renuvion skin tightening treatment. This treatment is ground-breaking and delivers superb skin tightening and toning while minimising any risk to the patient.

The Renuvion treatment can be used on the face, neck, breasts, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, arms and back to tighten and tone.

  1. Laser mixing treatments for skincare

Laser mixing treatments are another of the top aesthetic trends to watch out for in 2023. Laser treatments are used for various skin conditions associated with getting older. This includes fine lines and wrinkles, along with loose skin and pigmentation.

Lasers have lights of different colours and wavelengths; the longer the wavelength, the deeper the light goes into the skin. This is why people go for mixing treatments to repair different problems with the skin.

However, with some laser treatments called ablative treatment the outer skin layers are destroyed and the skin is raw and it can take up to six months to heal.

An alternative to laser mixing treatments to deal with loose skin, wrinkles and anti-ageing is INTRAcel treatment. This skin rejuvenation treatment targets the production of collagen to help smooth, firm and tighten skin.

Where it excels is the fact that there is no downtime as there is with laser treatments. Another bonus is that, unlike with laser procedures or surgery, the surface of the skin is protected from damage.

  1. Sculpting microcurrent devices

Microcurrent devices are another booming trend and are favoured by the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson. The devices send out painless micro currents; these are currents that mimic the natural ionic flow of the body.

The currents are said to help lift and sculpt the muscles in the face and reduce fine lines. This helps the skin to take on new radiance and it is plumper and firmer.

However, sculpting micro-current devices is not for everyone. You cannot use them if you have any heart issues, have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or suffer from diabetes or blood clots.

An alternative treatment that provides the same results and which is non-invasive is ULTRAcel – HIFU treatment for lifting, tightening and rejuvenating the skin. This treatment is done by a handheld device used by the clinician that supplies grid radio frequencies and high-intensity focused ultrasound. This targets the skin and deeper neck and facial soft tissue structures.

Hans Place provides effective non-invasive aesthetic treatments

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