Vaser Liposuction – back & sides


VASER for waists, flanks and backs

vaser-lipoCertain areas of the body seem to store fat. The tops of thighs, or flanks, waist, ‘muffin top’ and across the back are typically hard to slim down. A good diet and exercise regime can’t always target specific areas and those last few inches can be hard to shift.

Depending on the composition, these areas can usually be treated very successfully with VASER Liposuction, Velashape 3, INTRAcel, AQUALYX or a combination of all treatments.

VASER is a high-tech form of ‘lipo sculpture’ and a walk in/walk out procedure. The treatment removes fat from a targeted area and in skilful hands VASER Liposuction sculpts a more balanced body shape.Vaser Liposuction for flanks, waist and upper back is growing in popularity and demand due to the effectiveness of the treatment.

Dr Mike Comins is one the UK’s leading VASER doctors. He recently won an award for his VASER Liposuction body sculpting work and was the first doctor in this country to train in VASER Hi-Def Liposuction.

Hans Place Practice has also introduced Velashape 3 as a follow on treatment to Vaser. Velashape 3 works on the collagen deep within the skin to tone, tighten and help minimise cellulite. Post Vaser procedure Velashape 3 is a unique and effective way to smooth out the skin and create a tight, toned appearance.

The first step is an in-depth consultation with Dr Comins to discuss the right treatment for you.

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