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Vaser Hi-Def & Vaser Mid-Def

Vaser Hi-Def & Vaser Mid-Def

Vaser Hi-Def & Vaser Mid-Def

What are VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def?

Vaser Hi Def / Vaser Mid Def is a technique not a tool. The VASER device is essential to achieve Hi Def and Mid Def results. It involves using multiple techniques for sculpting around the muscles. This type of procedure is much more meticulous and requires skill, expertise and specialised training. In summary, Vaser Hi Def / Mid Def is completely different to other types of liposuction.

Whats the difference?

In experienced hands VASER Hi-Def can be used to sculpt around the musculature giving an athletic look. It’s popular with anyone who wants defined abs (six-pack) and the appearance of gym-toned pectorals.

VASER Mid-Def is the best option for anyone wanting a softer but still toned and sporty appearance.

There’s no need for a general anaesthetic or hospital stay. However, patients can opt for i.v. conscious sedation for extra pain relief and sedation.

The results from VASER Hi and Mid-Def are impressive. See our vaser before and after photographs.

The key points of VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def are:

  • The treatments are specifically tailored to your body, enhancing your existing abdominal and torso muscles, resulting in a natural-looking, athletic appearance.
  • They don’t sculpt the muscles out of fat, or etch the lines into the skin, but they enhance the appearance of the body area by sculpting around certain muscles. This can give the body a more toned or even athletic appearance.
  • Incisions are small and mostly hidden
  • The treatment is an morning or afternoon case procedure.

Dr Comins is one the UK’s leading VASER Lipo doctors. He was the first doctor in the UK to be trained in VASER Hi-Def and he introduced this specific liposculpture technique to the UK in 2008. Since then he has performed over 1000 VASER Hi-Def procedures.

In 2012 Dr Comins won an industry award for his VASER work and he is an accredited trainer for advanced VASER liposuction.

We can answer all of your VASER Lipo questions. Why not make an appointment and for an online consultation.

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