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LIPOSCULPTURE Body shaping treatments

Many women work hard in the gym to develop shapely thighs, knees and calves but sometimes we need a helping hand to get the result we really want. Isolated pockets of fat can be hard to slim down and sometimes diet and exercise alone aren’t enough. Liposculpture and body shaping treatments are now available for these areas.

Thanks to technological advances there are now minimally-invasive body-shaping treatments that can help.

Depending on the amount of underlying fat and the degree of tightening required, the treatments we recommend for thighs, knees and calves are VASER Liposuction, 4G Buttock Balancing, Velashape 3 , AQUALYX and sometimes INTRAcel.

Known as ‘lipo sculpture’, fat removal treatments like VASER Liposuction do not require an overnight stay and only take a few hours. The treatment uses ultrasound technology to target the fat.

Dr Comins has developed Buttock Balancing techniques, which combine the best treatment options for buttock shaping.

The first step is a complimentary consultation, where you will be given a full explanation of all the options available for body shaping.

For further information on the procedures we use for thighs, knees and calves:

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