Ultra-Low Rise Jeans: Are You Ready For The Return Of Exposed Hips?

Ultra-Low Rise Jeans: Are You Ready For The Return Of Exposed Hips?

Pick up any of the fashion magazines at the moment, and you’ll see a revival of noughties fashion trends. The focus for 2022 is the fashion of 2002. Gone is the support of high-waisted jeans, and here is the return of the ‘how low can you go’ low rise hipster jeans.

The ultra-low rise jean was fashionable in the early 2000s and helped accentuate the flat stomachs, defined hip bones and androgynous figures.

For the last few years, high-waisted jeans have been the style choice for many. This is thanks to the flattering shape of high-waisted jeans that help to accentuate waists, hold stomachs in and create a flattering hourglass shape. Indeed, the hourglass shape was the body trend of 2021. Now, many are looking to move into a new shape but perhaps feel more self-conscious about the fit of low-rise and the fact that the cut can cause stomachs to hang over the top – often known as the ‘muffin top’.

So with the low-rise trend coming back again, what’s changed this time around?

2002 To 2022: How The Low Rise Trend Is Changing

In the last twenty years, the world of fashion has changed. So has the perception and acceptance of all bodies.

In the early noughties, the low rise trend went hand in hand with the androgynous fashion. It celebrated super slim, rectangle bodies, jutting hip bones and visible abs. Those who wore the jeans felt that they had to conform to a specific shape. So much so that, back then, celebrities were shamed if their low rise jeans were considered less than flattering.

Now in 2022, our approach to bodies has changed. There is greater acceptance and admiration of all shapes and sizes. You no longer have to look a certain way in order to wear a trend. With low rise jeans sales increasing and searches for hipster trousers up by 58%, we’re seeing a huge range of people donning the trend – a giant leap forward from twenty years ago.

Now, you can see low rise trousers on every age and every proportion. Recently, Emily Ratajowski wore low rise jeans while eight months pregnant. In fact, in the age where people value authenticity and question social media filters, people are celebrating real women embracing this trend.

What The Low Rise Trend Needs

Unlike twenty years ago, where the low rise trend almost demanded a very specific shape, there is now a different demand. In 2022, the low rise trend focuses on body love, acceptance and confidence. Authenticity is the real trend of 2022, and with the low rise jeans, it is possible to wear these confidently without needing honed abs and sharp hip bones.

Already social media is full of positive comments and praise for those donning the trend with confidence.

How To Wear The Trend

As well as the acceptance that the trend is available for all body types, there has been progress in how to pair the low-rise jeans, so it is more comfortable for everyone. In the early noughties, jeans were paired with barely-there crop tops to expose long midriffs.

Now, fashion designers have been pairing the low rise trend with longer tops, often with tulle, ruffles, puff sleeves and accentuated shoulders which deflects attention to the waistband. This can help people feel more confident in exposing their stomachs if it feels the outfit focus is higher up.

We’ve also seen the low-rise trouser being paired with high neck and boat neck tops on catwalks. This is alongside a mid-length jacket to make this trend more balanced and also more practical for every weather event.

This low-rise, baggy jean trend offers welcome relief for those who are fed up with squeezing into high waisted skinnies. However, if you’re not feeling confident to expose the midriff, there are solutions that can help.

At Hans Place, we focus on treatments for confidence rather than trends. However, we know that hard to shift belly fat or excess skin around the midriff can make people self-conscious. Whether in swimwear, low-rise jeans or just for themselves, we can help you remove the stubborn fat cells that can’t be shifted through diet and exercise alone.

We offer VASER liposuction, a minimally invasive body contouring procedure that can help to remove fat cells. This can be used across the abdomen and flanks to help treat areas of concern, often known as the love handles and muffin tops.

Whether you want to sculpt around your abdominals for a more toned or muscular appearance or want to prevent a belly overhanging a waistband, VASER can be an effective and selective way to achieve your desired results.

We can also use Renuvion, a skin tightening procedure across the stomach to help your skin feel firmer, tighter and younger.

Feel Confident Whatever The Trend

While the summer trend may be low rise, confidence is the most significant trend. So whether you feel comfortable trying something new or enjoy the support and fit of the high-waisted jeans, feeling confident in your own skin reflects more than the fashion of the season. So, wear what you love!

However, if you do need some support in feeling confident in your skin, Hans Place is here to help. To find out more about how we can help you to feel your best self, get in touch to book your free consultation.


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