2021: The Year Of The Hourglass

2021: The Year Of The Hourglass

Just like with fashion, body shapes and styles go through trends and changes over the years. The ideal body shape for women has adapted many times across the decades. Going from the svelte flapper girls of the 1920s to the curvaceous bodies of the 1950s.

In more recent years, the dream body is no longer just the super skinny catwalk models in the 90s, but now covers a range of different shapes, including the washboard abs and big bums as donned by the likes of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Now in 2021, we are expecting the hourglass figure to be back with a bang. This is because more women are seeking to achieve that curvaceous, seamless and natural look.

Many of the chart-topping singles of 2020 were all about celebrating the body. Cardi B, J-Lo and Megan Thee Stallion have all been singing about celebrating women’s curves. Not only that, but hourglass creating products such as the ‘solutionwear’ range by Kim Kardashian, has been rising in popularity. However, achieving the perfect hourglass figure in 2021 can be done without shapewear and clothing ranges.

We’re exploring why 2021 is set to be the year of the hourglass and how you can get that desirable body shape with Hans Place.

What Is An Hourglass Figure?

The hourglass body shape has been around for decades. Way back in the 1910s, an hourglass figure was all the rage and often called the Gibson Girl because of illustrations by Charles Dana Gibson. Evelyn Nesbit and Camille Clifford were famed at the time for having the perfect hourglass body shapes. An hourglass figure is generally characterised by a narrow waist to hip ratio, flat tummy and sculpted lower back,  creating a flowing curve down the body.

An ideal hourglass figure flows naturally into an attractive, shapely silhouette, with no lumps and bumps. Shoulders are a little round, and the legs stay in proportion with the upper body, while the figure nips in at the waist. This hourglass body shape is the one you are likely to have seen in many magazines and on Instagram posts in the last few months.

As the hourglass is set to be a huge trend in 2021, we are looking into what you can do to achieve it.

How To Get An Hourglass Figure?

The beautiful hourglass silhouette comes naturally to some women. Many others find themselves looking for ways to adjust their figure to create this attractive look.

For many, an ideal hourglass can be achieved with targeted exercise and a healthy diet. Sometimes cosmetic surgical intervention can help to remove excess fat in areas like the flanks, waist, lower back and inner and outer thighs. Alongside this, advanced sculping techniques, such as VASER Mid Def liposuction can help to achieve a flat washboard, sculpted abdomen.

Before you set out on your journey to get your dream hourglass figure, it is important to have realistic expectations. There are many healthy ways to lose some inches on your waist and sculpt your curves. Expert treatments such as VASER Liposuction, Renuvion alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime is a great way to get an hourglass figure.

Here at Hans Place, we are able to help our clients sculpt their figures using our range of specialised treatments.

What Treatments Can Create An Hourglass Figure?

VASER Liposuction is a common treatment for achieving an hourglass body shape. This specialised treatment is minimally invasive and offers excellent results without lengthy recovery times. Ultrasound technology is used to remove areas of fat from the body and sculpt an hourglass silhouette.

This treatment can be used to treat large fatty areas such as the thighs, tummy or flanks. When creating an hourglass figure, VASER Liposuction can slim down the waist and define shape around the thighs and flanks.

During VASER Lipo treatment, the area being sculpted is filled with a saline solution and local anaesthetic. Small incisions are made in the skin, and the VASER ultrasound probe then emits energy which works to emulsify fatty tissue. This process is very effective for treating deep fat reserves and superficial fat which is difficult to reduce with diet and exercise alone.

Liquified fat is then carefully removed using an aspiration process, and the area can be carefully sculpted using suction cannulas. Most clients can leave immediately after the treatment, and there are no lengthy recovery times. Usually, only one treatment is required to sculpt an hourglass figure, and recovery times are just a few days.

VASER Liposuction can also be used alongside Renuvion if the skin has a degree of laxity. Renuvion can work to give a more defined finish and tighten the skin.

Without the need for invasive surgery, Renuvion with Vaser Lipo can create a toned, svelte hourglass figure. It works using a Renuvion wand which is inserted under the skin by small incisions (the same incisions as the VASER wand). Radio frequency energy is applied to the treatment area and works to boost collagen production in the skin. The result is firmed, smooth skin and a toned figure.

What Exercises And Diet Can Create An Hourglass Figure?

It is important to remember that treatments such as Vaser Liposuction can only help towards an hourglass figure. A healthy diet and a good exercise regime are also essential to maintaining the results of treatments. Because an hourglass figure is a narrow waist with curvy hips and bust, exercise should target these areas.

Consider training the upper body, glutes, upper thighs and hips to build muscle and reduce fat. Toning and training the waist will help to create the narrow, pinched waist of an hourglass figure. The main emphasis of exercise will depend on your natural body shape. Combine a decent exercise regime with a healthy, balanced diet, and your hourglass figure will be on its way in no time.

To find out more about how Hans Place can help you get an hourglass figure in 2021, get in touch with our team. We are on hand to explain all our treatment options. Through video consultations, we can advise the best course of treatment for you, and answer any questions you may have.


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