Shape up your arms for Spring with vaser

Shape up your arms for Spring with vaser

The upper arms can be one of the hardest parts of your body to keep in good shape. “With Spring now on us, I am seeing many patients who want a more contoured look to their upper arms” says Dr Mike Comins, London’s leading vaser lipo surgeon. “The ‘Michelle Obama look’ of contoured, toned and exposed upper arms is very popular.”

Even if you exercise regularly and eat healthily, your arms can be one of the hardest parts of the body to keep toned. Even patients who don’t have excessive fat can get ‘bingo wings’. This can impact the look of summer dresses and beachwear.

Vaser lipo on the upper arms can give the appearance that you work out very regularly” says Dr Comins. “Vaser is a surgical procedure, with relatively quick recovery times. So Vaser lipo on the arms can be effective in short time periods. It works by liquefying fat using ultrasound probes, which allows it to be removed with specific sculpting techniques.”

But Dr Comins stresses that the skill and experience of the operator undertaking the Vaser procedure is vital to ensure good results. “Vaser enables a skilled surgeon or doctor to achieve contouring detail. This enhances the natural shape of the body and bringing out the best in your arms” he says. “The experience of your Vaser operator is vital.”

Dr Mike Comins is one of the leading Vaser doctors in the world. He is widely recognised for his medical aesthetic work. He is particularly well known for his body sculpting expertise. You can book a Vaser consultation with Dr Comins here.

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