Post-pregnancy advice for mums wanting to get back in shape

Post-pregnancy advice for mums wanting to get back in shape

At the Hans Place Practice we were heartened to see the selfie last week by new mum Erica Andrews go viral. It’s a healthy alternative to the endless pictures of celebs showing flat stomachs just weeks after the arrival of their child – pictures that put pressure on new mums to get their pre-pregnancy body back in an unrealistic timeframe.

The truth, as Erica’s image shows, is that after the birth you will still look pregnant. The body will naturally and gradually change shape; the drastic bounceback to pre-pregnancy shape glamourised in the media is unlikely to be down to nibbling on celery and more to do with medical intervention.

Dr Mike Comins points out that the first and most important aspect to getting back into shape is to eat a healthy diet and take regular exercise. Pelvic floor exercises and a core workout such as Pilates are very effective at tightening up stomach muscles, which will help reduce bulging tummies.

For those who still want a little extra help getting their pre-baby body back there is Vaser liposcution, a treatment that uses ultrasound to remove stubborn fat from targeted areas of the body. This speedy, walk-in/walk-out procedure can be used to reshape and resculpt the body and, unlike the more invasive surgical liposuction, requires no anaesthetic.

Another treatment, the VelaShape 3, can be used either as a follow-up to Vaser or as a standalone procedure thanks to its ability to improve the tone, elasticity, firmness and texture of skin. Alternatively, particularly persistent areas of fat can be targeted with Aqualyx, an injection that dissolves highly targeted patches of fat.

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