Fresh Faced Without Surgery: How Much Does A Non Surgical Face Lift Cost?

Fresh Faced Without Surgery: How Much Does A Non Surgical Face Lift Cost?

Non-invasive treatments have come a long way in recent years, and the results are seriously impressive. Today, that youthful, fresh-faced glow can be achieved without surgery and lengthy recovery times, thanks to the non surgical face lift. A non surgical face lift in London can rejuvenate and replenish the skin, while also lifting, plumping and defining the facial features.

Before you decide if this type of treatment is right for you, there are many different things to consider. Not only do you need to think about the non surgical face lift cost, but also which practitioner you trust and what results you want to achieve.

What Is A Non Surgical Face Lift London?

Before you can look in detail at the costs involved, you first need to have a solid understanding of what the treatment is and what it involves. This way, you can gauge whether the non surgical face lift cost is worthwhile and reasonable for you.

A non surgical face lift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure, which works to renew the appearance of the face. No large incisions are required, no general anaesthetics and no time in hospital. Most importantly, a non surgical face lift is bespoke to you. The type of treatment can vary significantly between patients because everyone wants to achieve slightly different results.

What’s Involved In A Non Surgical Face Lift?

In general, a non surgical face lift London could include;

  • Dermal Fillers: For restoring lost volume and creating definition in the lips, cheeks and temples.
  • Botox: To reduce the signs of wrinkles by relaxing the muscles in the area.
  • Micro-Needling: Encourages the skin to produce new collagen, leaving it smooth, firm and more toned.
  • Needleless Treatments: Various other treatments may be used, such as microdermabrasion, dermabrasion and ultrasound treatments.

A minimally invasive face lift may also include treatments such as;

  • INTRAcel or ULTRAcel: Using radiofrequency technology, these treatments can tighten the skin tissue.
  • Renuvion: A state of the art treatment which uses radiofrequency to contract the collagen tissue and boost its production in the skin.
  • Vaser Liposuction: A procedure to remove stubborn pockets of fat from the face and neck.

With so many options available for a non surgical face lift, the exact treatments used will depend on the individual and the desired results. The non surgical face lift cost can also vary because of this. It is important to understand exactly what you want to achieve from treatment and to discuss the options before looking in detail at the price involved.

The non surgical face lift cost can also vary between practitioners. Consequently, it is vital that you choose a practitioner you can trust to provide the best quality treatment.

How To Choose A Practitioner For A Non Surgical Face Lift?

Knowing how to choose a practitioner that you can trust and will administer your treatment safely and effectively can be confusing. With so many options available for non surgical face lift in London, it is vital that you do your research.

The practitioner you choose will have an impact on the price because you will be paying for their skills, experience and time. However, it is important to bear in mind that price shouldn’t be a deciding factor when considering where to undergo treatment. When you are looking for a practitioner, consider these important factors;

  • Experience: Find out how long they have been administering these treatments and how many non surgical face lifts they have done in the past.
  • Qualifications And Training: Research into what training and qualifications they have. Anyone administering cosmetic treatments, even non surgical ones, should have relevant training.
  • Professional Association: Check if they are members of any professional association as this shows they meet specific standards in skill and training.
  • They Can Answer All Your Questions: A practitioner should be able to answer all of your questions about their history and your treatment. Ask them about common complications, aftercare and anything else you want to know.
  • Setting: While there may not be any surgery involved, this type of treatment is still a medical procedure. A comfortable and clean clinical setting is vital for safety and peace of mind.

How Much Does A Non Surgical Face Lift Cost?

There are many different factors that will affect a non surgical face lift cost, including the type of treatment, the results you desire, and the practitioner you choose.

Even each treatment option can have various price points, for example, Dermal Filler treatment will vary depending on the type of filler used and the amount required. Higher quality products will often be more expensive but offer better results and are safer than cheap alternatives.

Non surgical face lift cost is important in your decision making. However, what should be even more vital is choosing a high-quality treatment and practitioner that is safe and trustworthy.

At Hans Place Practice, we only offer the highest quality products and very best in treatment options when it comes to non surgical face lifts in London. Our prices vary between £1000 to £1650. This depends on the treatments required and results you want to achieve.

We understand that non surgical face lift cost can be a deciding factor in choosing cosmetic surgery. However, we want safe, high-quality treatments to be accessible to everyone. This is why we offer manageable payment plans for all of our treatments.

Why Choose Hans Place Practice?

We are specialists in non-invasive cosmetic treatments, and non surgical face lifts are one of our many treatment options. Our aim is to have every patient leave our clinic feeling their very best.

Dr Mike Comins is an expert in the field of non surgical treatments and has over 20 years of experience. When you choose Hans Place Practice for your non surgical face lift London, you are choosing a trusted and top quality practitioner. What’s more, the whole Hans Place team has your safety and satisfaction as their top priority.

To find out more about our non surgical face lift London and the treatment options available to you, then get in touch. We are offering virtual consultations. These give you the chance to ask any questions you may have and talk through your treatment choices in detail. Book your virtual consultation today here.


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