VelaShape 3 FAQs


What is VelaShape 3?

VelaShape 3™  is the only FDA cleared device that effectively and safely contours, shapes and slims the body by reducing cellulite and firming problem areas in as little as 4 treatments.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a structural skin change that occurs in most post-pubertal females whether they are thin or overweight.

How does VelaShape 3® work to help get rid of cellulite?

The Vela Product line is the only non-invasive body shaping product to combine four different technologies including IR (infrared), Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency) and mechanical tissue manipulation

What are the key differences/advantages of VelaShape 3 over competition?

The non-invasive Vela line is the only system to combine 4 technologies creating a synergistic effect when treating the appearance of the skin.

What clinical data is available on VelaShape 3?

The safety and effectiveness of the VelaShape treatment has been demonstrated in both multi-centre clinical trials and in more than 3.5 million independent treatments performed on patients globally

What parts of the body can be treated with VelaShape 3?

The Vela treatment can be applied to any body area that may need contouring: thighs, abdomen, arms, flanks and more.

What is the minimum or maximum age required to be eligible for treatment with VelaShape 3?

The Vela treatments are not limited by age and all patients seeking cellulite reduction and /or circumference reduction can be treated.

Who would be an ideal candidate for VelaShape 3 treatment?

The Vela treatment is recommended for normal to overweight patients who suffer from unsightly cellulite in the pelvic region, around the hips, abdomen, or lower limbs.

What are the contraindications to a body contouring treatment with VelaShape 3?

There are no major contraindications for the Velashape 3 treatment.

How does Velashape 3 assist after Vaser liposuction?

Velashape 3 is an effective follow on treatment from Vaser Liposuction, Vaser High Def and Vaser Mid Def . This treatment compliments the Vaser procedure by smoothing and toning the skin to produce even more effective results after surgery. As Dr Comins for more information when you come for your consultation.

To watch a video from the makers of Velashape 3 for more comprehensive information please click here.

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