Why Knee Liposuction Is A Growing Trend

Why Knee Liposuction Is A Growing Trend

As summer begins, lockdown ends, and loungewear is replaced with celebratory fashion, knee liposuction is looking to be the next big thing. Having symmetrical and well-proportioned legs is very important to some individuals. Furthermore, the knees are the most defining feature on the legs and can alter the way the entire bottom half of the body looks.

It is fairly common to have stubborn pockets of fat around the knees, particularly on the inner part of the legs. These areas of fat are usually stubborn and difficult to shift through diet and exercise.

In the past, people felt they had to put up with their knees. However, if your knees are affecting your self-confidence, there are ways that you can adjust the aesthetic of your knees, such as with knee liposuction.

What Is Knee Liposuction?

Liposuction, either Vaser or traditional, is a form of body contouring. It works to sculpt the body and remove fat from specific areas.

The knees are prone to carry excess fat that is particularly difficult to remove. Knee liposuction can target these specific areas around the knee and reduce the fatty cells. The results are contoured and slender knees that complement the shape of the legs.

Liposuction can work on almost any area of the body but is becoming increasingly popular among those with worries over their knee appearance. Many people combine knee liposuction with liposuction of the thighs to contour the entire upper leg simultaneously.

Who Can Have Knee Liposuction?

Anyone who is unhappy with the appearance of their knees could be a good candidate for Vaser Liposuction. Many people do not like the look of their legs in general but find that altering the knees makes a big difference. Vaser Liposuction works by emulsifying the fatty cells in the knee to remove them and contouring the area.

If you have good skin elasticity and a healthy weight, then you could be suitable for this procedure. We do not recommend using knee Vaser liposuction should as an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise. Instead, it is specifically used to remove particularly stubborn fat pockets.

If you have mild to moderate skin laxity around the knees, then Vaser knee liposuction can still be an option. However, it may need to be complemented with a skin tightening procedure such as Renuvion.

Ultimately, anyone considering a cosmetic procedure such as knee liposuction will have their own personal reasons. The ideal candidate for this treatment will be close to their ideal weight, have realistic expectations and be in good overall health. Because Vaser Liposuction is much less invasive and strenuous on the body than traditional surgery, it is better suited to more people.

If you want to find out if Vaser knee liposuction would be right for you, contact Hans Place to book your consultation. This consultation will assess your suitability, the expected results and is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.

What Happens During Knee Liposuction?

Knee liposuction will vary between the clinic you choose and the treatment type. Here at Hans Place Practice, we use Vaser liposuction to treat the knees.

Vaser Lipo uses tiny incisions within the skin, which we fill with a saline solution and local anaesthetic. This works to numb the area and minimise the recovery time by shrinking blood vessels.

Once the area is ready, a small Vaser ultrasound probe enters under the skin and emits sound energy.

The sound energy works to emulsify the fatty tissue and break down the stubborn fat cells. Surrounding tissue in the knee is preserved because of the impeccable precision of Vaser Liposuction.

When this part of the treatment is over, the liquified fat is carefully removed using an aspiration process. Finally, the practitioner will sculpt the knee area using specific suction cannulas. It is at this stage that we create your knee definition and contours.

How Long Is Recovery After Knee Liposuction?

With traditional liposuction, recovery times are very lengthy, and the process can be painful. This is because you will need to undergo full surgery on the knee and may not be able to walk for weeks after. Vaser Liposuction offers much speedier recovery times, and the results are far less painful to achieve.

With Vaser Lipo, you will likely have soreness around the knee for 2 to 5 days. During this time, you may need painkillers and to be careful when walking and moving around. Some patients experience dull aching for 1 to 4 weeks after knee liposuction, as well as some bruising and swelling.

At Hans Place Practice, we offer comprehensive aftercare instructions, support and follow-up appointments so that you can recover as quickly as possible.

How Effective Is Knee Liposuction?

Knee liposuction is rising in popularity as more and more people begin to realise the powerful results. Many individuals are self-conscious about the appearance of their legs and knees in particular. Knees are prone to holding stubborn fat around the kneecap and inner part of the leg.

Knee liposuction is a very effective way of removing this excess fat. Vaser Liposuction can also work to contour the knee so that it features more definition. The treatment eliminates fatty pockets in and around the knee and defines the bone structure and features in the legs.

This type of liposuction has a very high degree of success, and many clients love the results they achieve. As with all cosmetic procedures, treatment results differ between patients, but Vaser Liposuction is a very effective option for knee alterations.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your knees or looking to find out more about knee liposuction, Hans Place Practice can help. Our team are specialists in Vaser Liposuction and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. We can recommend the best treatments to achieve your dream results and answer any questions you may have.

For some patients, we may recommend using Renuvion skin tightening treatments alongside knee liposuction. This can work to tighten sagging skin and contour the area even further. Dr Mike Comins is a leading expert in Vaser technology and highly experience in using Vaser Liposuction on all areas of the body

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