What Is Skinamilism?

What Is Skinamilism?

For a while now, there has been the feeling that more is more when it comes to skincare regimens. There were always new products and hacks to try, and if you didn’t have overloaded bathroom shelves full of lotions and potions, you were doing something wrong. However, one of the positive things to come from all the lockdowns and mask-wearing is a shift away from this attitude. Instead, many are welcoming the rise of a more simple hands-off approach – skinamilism.

So, What Is It?

Skinamilism is a movement towards doing and using less when it comes to skincare. The aim is to strip back the amount of both makeup and products in general that you use. The idea is that your skin will look more natural by doing this and will also be healthier.

What Are The Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits to this approach to skincare and cosmetics. The number of products that some people use can have many negative impacts in the long run, so taking a skimmed back approach can offer significant advantages, including;


If you are someone whose makeup bag and bathroom are overflowing with products, you might want to take a moment to consider the difference it would make to you if you weren’t buying all of these products every month.

For many people, investing in skincare products is well worth the money when you can see the difference that they make. However, if you’re spending a fortune on products without seeing results, then you may appreciate the significant saving and better use this money elsewhere.


Another benefit that might comes as a surprise is the time freed up in your schedule. By opting for a low fuss skin and makeup routine, you will spend less time in front of the mirror. Instead of spending time painstakingly making up your face and studying every inch of it, you can focus on the practices that make you feel good from the inside out.

Instead of applying product after product in a rush, skinimalism frees up your time and allows you to be more mindful in application. The time spent practising mindfulness could have a significant impact on your day. Or you might even find you have time to soak in the bath on an evening. Time is a precious commodity, and there is never enough of it, so anything that saves your time is worth serious consideration.

Skin Health

Now a skinamilism approach doesn’t mean that you have to give up all skincare products. It means that you look for ones that can do more. Instead of three creams that do different things and you apply to different areas, you find a single cream that can deliver the same effects. This change can be really important for your skin’s health.

For instance, if you suffer from acne and use a day and a night cream, an exfoliating scrub, and an eye cream and then have a separate set of creams for when you have a breakout, you’re not alone. However, you could also replace all of those creams with something like an Obagi skin care system. This skin care system is clinically tailored to address skincare concerns, providing you with the tailored solutions you need and without unnecessary products.

When Less Is More?

When you layer cream and makeup onto your skin, it can stop the skin from breathing properly. This can lead to all sorts of issues. Dry skin, rashes, redness, irritation and acne are all possible side effects of using too many products on your skin.

In your quest for healthy-looking skin, you may actually be heading in the wrong direction. So why not try reducing the number of products you use and see what a difference it makes. You might be surprised by the results.


It’s getting harder to ignore the effect that our choices have on the environment. The cosmetics industry is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases and plastic waste. You don’t have to give up everything you use. But, by cutting back, you can reduce your personal impact.

Using fewer products every day is a great way to do this. That way, you can feel good about making this change, not just for yourself but also for the environment.

How Can You Achieve A More Natural Look?

If the idea of cutting back on your makeup and skincare routine is a little daunting, then you might want to consider some treatment options that can help you achieve a natural look without worry.

Instead of using a wide range of skin creams, you could switch to a treatment plan like Profhilo. Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser. It allows you to help your skin look more youthful without the need for lots of products.

It’s an injection of hyaluronic acid, which boosts your skin’s production of collagen and elastin. The result is glowing skin you’ll want to show off instead of hiding under layers of foundation.

If you are struggling to feel good about the way your skin looks because it has begun to sag or you have wrinkles that are bothering you, you have options. You can get treatments that will give you a natural look. Many of us still picture frozen faces when we think of aesthetic treatments. However, that’s no longer the reality.

Dermal fillers are an excellent option for dealing with the loss of skin volume and wrinkles without having to freeze your facial muscles. Instead, it works to plump the skin for youthful volume and contours.

With aesthetic practitioners, the aim is always to create a natural look, not an artificial one. So if you want your skin to look natural, and you want to do away with the number of products you rely on, there are plenty of options. Soft sculpting is how it is described. Small and precise work can boost your confidence without advertising to the world why you’re looking so good.

Next Steps

If you want to learn more about the options that will suit you best, why not make an appointment to speak to a specialist today? Dr Mike Comins at Hans Place is an experienced aesthetic surgeon who can help you find the best options for you. If you’re looking to do away with the endless products and find a solution that works, Hans Place is here to help.

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