What Is Mewing And Other Ways To Improve Jawline Shape

What Is Mewing And Other Ways To Improve Jawline Shape

If you are worried about a sagging jawline, but don’t want to undergo plastic surgery, you might have tried the many things people have put out online, such as TikTok. This has been anything from smiling and then clenching your jaw several times to chewing something and even sucking on a dummy. The latest craze to join these is mewing.

What is mewing?

So, what is mewing? Well, it’s not meowing like a cat. It is a DIY technique that went around TikTok and YouTube and is named after British doctor Mike Mew.

To mew, you have to align your tongue in a certain way and doing so helps to make the jawline more refined, along with shaping the face to make it look thinner and provide relief from pain in the jaw and snoring. However, none of this has been clinically proven.

Mewing became popular when the doctor showed the exercises on social media. However, he didn’t create them. Some experts have stated that people who require surgery might try mewing, and it might do more harm than good.

The technique behind mewing

If you do want to check out the mewing technique you can check out videos on social media. You need to relax your tongue and then make sure the tongue is flat up against the roof of your mouth, this includes the back of the tongue.

It isn’t easy to learn how to mew properly and any results are likely to take years. In essence, it may show results or may not, so don’t expect guarantees.

Other Tiktok trends said to improve the jawline

Mewing isn’t the only craze going around that is said to help improve the jawline. Jawzrsize has been making the rounds on Tiktok, which is an exercise specifically for the jawline.

The Jawzrsize is marketed as a flattish piece of silicone that is placed around the neck like a necklace. It is said to provide a “non-invasive facelift” that firms the facial muscles and defines the jawline. It even claims it can help hair to regrow.

It works by placing the squashed ball in your mouth and biting down on it. It offers resistance, and the exercise needs to be done around 30 minutes per day.

However, experts have said it could increase the strain on the jaw and lead to jaw problems.

Another popular Tiktok trend for improving the jawline is a technique that makes it look as though the jawline has changed for the better. This is achieved by cleverly highlighting the jawline with makeup and blending it.

The first step is contouring the jawline and then placing powdered highlighter on the jawbone. Of course, this doesn’t change the jawline in any way; it only looks like it has changed.

Credible ways to improve a weak jawline

All of the above ways of reshaping the jawline have yet to be clinically proven to work, but there are credible ways to improve the jawline shape without having plastic surgery.

If you are considering changing the look of your jawline to help build your self-confidence, you might want to research some of the treatments available by medical professionals.

Hans Place is run by Dr Mike Comins and offers minimally invasive treatments that are subtle and discreet and provide results that are barely detectable but which make a huge difference.

Dermal fillers

A very popular choice of non-invasive treatment available for anyone who wants to improve how their jawline looks is dermal fillers at Hans Place. A weak jawline often comes about because of a weak chin or loss of tissue around that area, including the mouth.

If this is the case dermal fillers may help greatly to change the look of the jawline. The dermal fillers are made from a substance very similar to hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that can be found naturally within the body. The fillers are used around the chin area to create some volume and to sculpt the appearance, giving more self-esteem and self-confidence without making it obvious that you have had work done on the face.

VASER liposuction

An alternative that can change how a jawline looks if the issue is related to excess fat in that region is VASER liposuction. When having this treatment, the reduction of fat around the jawline will give a stronger and more defined jawline.

Again, the treatment can be undertaken in the day clinic at Hans Place Practice by Dr Comins, a leading VASER Liposuction doctor. There is no general anaesthetic required, and generally, you can leave the clinic within 45 minutes.


Another popular choice for anyone wanting to change the look of their jawline is the Renuvion treatment. The treatment is ground-breaking and effective as it offers soft tissue and skin tightening, which tones the chin and cheeks without having to go through invasive surgery.


ULTRAcel is another state-of-the-art technology treatment to tighten the jawline tissue and make it more prominent and stronger. A handheld device is used, which emits radio frequencies along with ultrasound to penetrate deep into the skin layers. The treatment offers great results for those who want to change the appearance of the chin and jawline without needing surgery.

To find out more about how Hans Place Practice can help you to improve your jawline in a discrete setting with minimally invasive treatments, contact us to arrange a consultation. Alternatively, you can chat with us online to learn more about our treatments.




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