Vaser liposuction and healthy living

Vaser liposuction and healthy living

At Hans Place Practice, patients frequently ask about Vaser liposuction treatment and the sculpturing effects that Vaser can achieve. Is it right for me? How fast are the results? What can I expect?

Head of the Practice, Dr Mike Comins, stresses the importance of good lifestyle habits when combined with Vaser to achieve the results that patients want. “Vaser is not an easy alternative to regular exercise and a healthy diet” he says. “Most patients I see are reasonably fit, and many are very fit indeed. Vaser is not a substitute but an enhancement or kick start to the key lifestyle factors of diet and exercise.”

“Where Vaser can help is in shifting and sculpting areas of fat, achieving the subtle finesse of a contoured look, whether its abdomen, arms, thighs, waist, flanks or bra fat.”

“Vaser is an effective way of achieving an athletic torso because it allows a skilled practitioner to contour and sculpt the body in a way that enhances the natural look” concludes Dr Comins. “For the already-fit, Vaser Hi Def can achieve that final effect most people with busy lives simply can’t achieve using gym work or healthy diet alone.”

Dr Mike Comins is one of London’s most experienced Vaser doctors and is widely recognised for his medical aesthetic work. You can book a Vaser consultation with Dr Comins here.

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