Upper arm fat and Vaser liposuction 02/04/2019

Vaser-Lipo-Arms* *Immediately post treatment Dr Mike Comins

The upper arm (triceps) area, sometimes, rather unflaggingly, called ‘bingo wings’ can be one of the most challenging areas to treat with Vaser Liposuction. This is because the underside of the arms is prone to sagging due to the underlying binding structures called the fibrous septae stretching over time, the forces of gravity and sun damage.  Dr Comins is commonly consulted for treatment of the arms as many people, despite regular exercise, become increasingly frustrated and self-conscious with their upper arms, often resulting in clothing limitations. Sometimes Vaser Lipo isn’t the treatment of choice and only an upper arm lift or brachioplasty will suffice. However, on suitable clients VASER Liposuction can have dramatic results. To help with skin retraction, Dr Comins uses specific sculpting techniques around the shoulder (deltoid) and triceps muscles. This not only leads to more aesthetically pleasing toned upper arms but importantly the residual scar tissue formed as a result of such sculpting helps tighten the skin.


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