Top Tips for Managing Cellulite

Top Tips for Managing Cellulite

Summer is here, and as people around the UK get ready to dust off their bikinis, it is not unusual to feel a little self-conscious about not having a flawless beach body. Having cellulite is perfectly normal, but it’s still something that billions of people worldwide struggle to come to terms with each summer season. If you’re struggling to accept your body as it is, then there are some methods that you can try to feel more confident and manage cellulite.

Will Losing Weight Banish Cellulite?

There is a common misconception that having cellulite is a product of being overweight, but it’s simply not true. Everyone has some amount of cellulite, regardless of weight, ethnicity or gender, but what varies is the amount and how visible it is.

When working out, your goal might be to lose weight, but you’ll likely strengthen and grow your muscles while exercising. It’s this strengthening of the muscles that reduces the visibility of cellulite rather than the weight loss itself. The cellulite hasn’t gone anywhere; it’s just that being more toned makes it less noticeable.

Practice Body Acceptance

It’s understandable to wish you could change things about your body, and there are things that you can do to minimise the appearance of cellulite, but one of the most powerful feelings is to accept your body as it is with all of the flaws that you perceive.

We have a tendency to hyper-fixate on parts of us that we don’t like, while most other people would never notice. Body acceptance is a smaller part of the body positivity movement, in which you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, despite the flaws, rather than learning to love your body AND the flaws.

It’s a small difference, but body neutrality is often a more realistic goal for anyone struggling with body image. Focusing on what your body can do for you, like being strong enough to support you, healthy enough to sustain life or giving you the ability to start a family, can help you feel grateful and distract you from the parts you don’t like.

Another way to feel more acceptance for your body is to only own clothes that fit you, make you feel comfortable and make you happy. Other body acceptance strategies include spending less time getting ready and changing your reasoning behind exercising and eating healthily.

Considering Dermatological Treatments

If you feel that you need to reduce the visibility of your cellulite to be happy, there are a few different treatments that might help you. They vary in the way that they work and what the procedure involves, which can mean that one method might be better suited to your individual needs more than the other.

If you’re considering cellulite treatment, you should first book a consultation with a reputable practice like Hans Place to get bespoke advice.

VelaShape 3

VelaShape 3 was specifically designed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite around the thighs, buttocks and other areas of the body – for example, it’s highly effective yet gentle enough to use on the jawline. It works by combining infrared light, bipolar radio frequency energy and vacuum technology with a roller head, which causes the fat cells, connective tissue, and collagen to be heated.

This promotes the growth of new collagen cells that are of better quality, resulting in the cellulite becoming less visible and the circumference of some areas to be reduced.

VelaShape 3 is non-surgical; there’s no downtime and only minimal discomfort but it is effective in improving skin elasticity, firmness, tone and texture. You will usually need a minimum of four sessions to start seeing results, but it varies for each person.


Renuvion is an innovative way to tackle cellulite with minimal downtime or discomfort. Renuvion works by making small incisions where the wand is inserted under the skin. The wand applies a radio frequency energy that is cooled by helium. The treatment works by making the collagen contract on contact, boosting collagen production to fill the gap.

The contraction of the collagen is only a temporary reaction to the cold, and when it expands again, the new collagen will leave the area looking firmer and tighter. The newly formed collagen helps to make the skin look smoother and firmer instantly, minimising the appearance of collagen. Results last for up to a year, so it’s perfect if you have a season of special events or trips coming up.

Feel your best self this summer

Ultimately, the best treatment for collagen is no treatment. Learning to feel comfortable and confident in your own body is massively empowering and inspiring for those around you. Very few people notice what you feel are flaws, but if you feel that you would be happier with treatment, then options are available for you.



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