The Rise Of Male Make Up

The Rise Of Male Make Up

It is becoming increasingly common for men to embrace the power of make up and more and more are starting to incorporate beauty products into daily routines. For many years, make up has been considered a female thing, with society blindly believing it isn’t the masculine way. When you look back far enough in history, it is clear to see that men have been sporting make up looks for centuries, with the likes of Alexander the Great and Louis XIII.

Today, almost half of all men incorporate skincare products into their daily routine, and 59% of these agreed that their appearance is important to them. The popularity of male make up is on the rise, and we’re taking a deeper look into the world of male cosmetics and where it’s heading next.

The Two Sides Of Male Make Up

Male makeup, just like female make up, is not a one size fits all approach. Everyone is using these products for different reasons and to achieve different results. For some, make up is all about looking fabulous and expressing themselves.

Popular within LGBTQ and similar communities, male make up is becoming far more commonplace. The rise of television programmes including Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Queer Eye, combined with an increase in male influencers, has helped societies change the way they perceive male make up. These days, a man’s bronze cheeks and perfect eyeliner flick is not just a statement; it is becoming normality.

On the other hand, there is an increase in men seeking discreet make up to enhance their natural appearance. Men are increasingly using products such as tinted moisturisers, concealers, eyebrow thickeners and under-eye concealers. It is becoming more mainstream for men to incorporate these beauty products into their daily regimes. Moreover, just like women, they are using these to increase confidence and hide areas of self-consciousness. Consequently, using make up to fix blemishes and enhance appearance is all about kicking low self-esteem. Ultimately, it is helping people feel comfortable in their own skin.

Guardian writer, Sam, recently underwent a makeover to discover the true benefits that make up can offer the male population. After being sceptical of the products leaving him looking unnatural and over the top, he reveals “I’m looking at the man in the mirror. And he looks great, to be honest. It’s how I feel I should look when I am at my most optimistic.”.  As a result, the benefits of male cosmetics are clear to see, leaving Sam feeling confident, fresh and ready to take on the world.

The Brands Embracing Male Make Up

Years ago, if a man wanted to dabble in the make up game, he would be required to navigate his way around various shades of foundation designed for women, and mascaras with beautiful girls on the packaging.

As male make up becomes more commonplace, the beauty industry is changing to follow suit. Many big name brands are introducing male make up ranges. Furthermore, Mintel reports that beauty and personal care products targeted towards men have increased by 70%. A market that was previously considered a niche, with just a handful of small bespoke brands, is now becoming mainstream.

Chanel has released the very first line of makeup for men, Boy de Chanel. Tom Ford recently launched their own range of male cosmetics. This range includes brow definer, concealer, bronzing gel and a mud mask. Clinique has also expanded its range of male moisturisers to include facial bronzers as demand is increasing, whilst Yves Saint Lauren has created concealers for men.

The Future Of The Male Beauty Industry

While male make up deserves total acceptance from all societies, unfortunately, even today there is still a slight stigma to the popularity. That said, the future of male make up is set to look bright, with less backlash than ever before and an increase in understanding from the world.

We are now living in a place where men can feel free to wear make up in any fashion they please, without constant judgement and criticism. This paves the way for even more beauty brands embracing their new markets, and new trends and fashions to rise from male make up.

As well as makeup in male beauty regimes, aesthetic treatments offer similar confidence-boosting benefits and long term enhancements. An increasing number of men that have discovered the benefits make up can bring, are now utilising cosmetic treatments for longer-lasting effects. There are a number of subtle beauty treatments that men of all walks of life are choosing to undergo to improve their appearance. From Botox to reduce wrinkles to dermal fillers to create more chiselled features, liquid facelifts and liposuction; aesthetic treatments are extremely helpful for battling self-confidence issues and boosting self-esteem. It is time we all love the skin we’re in and feel proud to showcase it in whatever form we want.

Working In Conjunction With Makeup

Here at Hans Place Practice, if you’re looking for more permanent results than what male make up can provide, then we offer various cosmetic treatments. These are non-surgical treatments that can tackle issues including poor skin, ageing and unclear complexions.

Our most popular treatments for males include dermal fillers, Botox and our range of Obagi skincare. Dermal fillers are used on men to leave them looking fresh faced and youthful with a powerful glow. Certain facial features can be subtly and discreetly enhanced. Furthermore, you can reduce the signs of ageing with a quick and easy treatment. Products such as Obagi Skin Care offer treatment for acne, scarring, blemishes, loss of elasticity and much more. This prescribed treatment programme uses a combination of active ingredients. Obagi includes powerful products such as Tretinoin and Hydroquinone 4% in order to maximise the results.

These types of aesthetic treatments offer long term results for men. Furthermore, they can work in conjunction with make up to achieve the desired look. By combining cosmetic treatments with a male make up routine, men can tackle features they are conscious of and feel their best at all times. Finally, it is clear to see that society today is accepting and embracing a rise in male beauty products and treatments. It is swiftly becoming the norm for men to boast clear skin, youthful volume, lavish lashes and perfectly sculpted brows.

For more information on male cosmetic treatments at Hans Place Practice, and to find out how our team can help tackle your beauty questions, get in touch today.


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