The Optimal Ways To Reduce Chest Fat

The Optimal Ways To Reduce Chest Fat

When you look at social media, you’ll see thousands of posts encouraging women to love their body, feel confident in their own skin, and even promote ways to achieve the desired look, but men often get overlooked.

It’s perfectly normal to feel self-conscious, to not like how your body looks, to want to change how your body looks or to feel that your mental health is negatively affected by social media, regardless of your gender.

In recent years men have been under increasing pressure through TV, film and social media to look a certain way. A toned physique and chiselled pecs are standard features of men on social media, but how do you achieve that? The good news is that it’s possible that you can achieve the look that you want through natural methods, but there are supporting procedures that you can choose if you need them.

Cardio and Strength Training

We all know that exercise and a healthy diet are vital to achieving results, but what kind of exercise should you be doing? The best answer is a mix of everything.

If you’re starting from a place with excess fat on your body, your exercise goals will be a mixture of weight loss and building muscle. While cardio is effective for weight loss, it’s not the only kind of workout you should do. Building muscle through strength training can help you to increase the speed of your metabolism. It will actually encourage weight loss alongside simply burning calories through cardio.

If you have low levels of fat, then your focus is likely to be on building muscle in order to improve the visibility of your muscles. While your goal is less around losing fat, you should still consider a combination of exercise types for overall wellness and to help you achieve your goals faster, so don’t skimp on the cardio!

It may help to speak to a personal trainer about your goals for a more personalised training regime, but in general, bench presses, deadlifts and functional fitness are all great ways to increase the size of your chest muscles.


You might not want to hear it, but muscles are built as much through diet as exercise. You need to ensure you’re eating clean, whole foods with the right balance of protein, healthy fats and fibre to maintain a healthy body and promote muscle growth.

You should also make sure that you’re eating enough calories to fuel your workouts, but not too few. A calorie deficit is important for weight loss, but you need to have the energy to power through at the gym.

If you need support in this area, our Weightloss Clinic may help.

How To Shift Stubborn Chest Fat

If you’ve been following a well-balanced diet and targeted workout programme and you’re still not seeing the results that you’re hoping for, then it’s likely that your genetics are working against you. Your genes determine how hard it is for you to lose weight and where stubborn fat deposits will form.

Diet and exercise can get you most of the way, but if you’re struggling to shift the last bit, you might want to consider treatments that will help you achieve the last part of your goals.

VASER Liposuction

VASER Liposuction is a targeted treatment that uses ultrasound technology to selectively remove fat which can help to reshape your body. It can be used for larger areas or smaller, more targeted areas. If you’re trying to build a more chiselled physique, but you’re still not happy with how prominent your muscles are, then you can use VASER Liposuction to help achieve the look you want.

Fat can be removed from around your pectoral muscles and around your abs to give a look of tighter skin and a more muscular body. VASER Liposuction is a minor surgical procedure, but it’s minimally invasive and has a downtime of between a few days and a week.

VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def

Hi-Def and Mid-Def VASER liposuction uses the same tool as standard VASER liposuction, but it’s applied in a different way and offers completely different results to other types of liposuction. Hi-Def and Mid-Def VASER is developed specifically to target muscle definition, and a skilled practitioner can create great results.

VASER Hi-Def is used to sculpt around the muscles to create a more athletic look by defining muscles. This is a great option for anyone that’s trying to achieve the chiselled look of gym-toned abs while battling stubborn fat deposits.

VASER Mid-Def is a similar procedure, but the results are softer and more natural. This is an excellent option for anyone that wants to look fit and toned without going as far as the chiselled look.

It’s entirely possible to create the toned look that you see online without VASER procedures, but if you’re struggling to achieve your desired look, then Hans Place offers the procedures that can help you to achieve your dream body.


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