See instant results with the 8 Point Face Lift

See instant results with the 8 Point Face Lift

Demand for cosmetic surgery has plummeted in recent years while the number of people opting for non-surgical facial injectables is steadily increasing. Injectables such as fillers offer patients immediate, natural-looking results with no downtime – with the party season almost upon us it’s easy to see why people would rather go for the instant results of fillers over the knife and its associated risks and recovery period.

One treatment in particular that uses fillers is proving incredibly popular: the 8 Point Face Lift, also known as the Fluid Face Lift. Created by Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio, the 8 Point Lift focuses on eight points on the face: the cheek bone, tear trough, nasolabial folds, mouth corners, pre-jowl area, jawline, lower cheek and Marionette lines. By replacing the volume lost through ageing at these eight points with fillers, the face is gently smoothed and lifted, resulting in a youthful, fresh look. The jawline will look sharper, cheekbones will be more defined and smile lines reduced.

At Hans Place Practice, Dr Mike Comins carefully assesses each patient to ensure that the right amount of filler for each of the eight points is used. He uses the latest Vycross fillers, Voluma, Volift and Volbella, because of their ability to create natural-looking results that don’t leave the face looking ‘over-done’. With nearly two decades of experience in facial rejuvenation techniques, Dr Comins has the expertise to accurately judge the unique needs of each person’s face.

Patients often opt to combine the 8 Point Face Lift with anti-wrinkle injections or Ultracel to treat the brow for a complete rejuvenation experience – this can be discussed with Dr Comins and his team at the initial consultation.

To book a free consultation with Dr Comins to discuss the 8 Point Face Lift, call Hans Place Practice now on 0207 584 1642.

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