Curvaceous appeal for real

Curvaceous appeal for real

Ever since reality TV star Kim Kardashian broke the internet with THAT picture at the end of 2014, the focus on curvy buttocks has been unrelenting (as have the rumours as to whether Kim’s behind has had any work). The Daily Mail reported just this week that US woman Marlene Chinea has had 4lbs of her own fat injected into her behind after endless exercises failed to create a Kim Kardashian-style backside.

Michael Salzhauer, the plastic surgeon who carried out Marlene’s procedure, told the paper that the Brazilian Butt Lift, as it’s also known, “is the most popular operation now in Miami. It is the fastest growing procedure in the United States.”

An alternative to fat injections is buttock augmentation, where implants are inserted into the buttocks. While implants are a choice for some, at The Hans Place Practice we offer the far less invasive fat grafting procedure where a client’s own fat tissues are taken from unwanted areas and re-injected into the buttock to reshape and enhance the area. Dr Mike Comins from Hans Place Practice has been performing successful fat grafts for years “Fat grafts have been around for decades but are now growing in popularity due to new techniques which have really improved the results” he comments.

The procedure is both FDA- and CE-approved, and involves a far quicker recovery time than when using implants.

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