Is chin contouring the new cheek sculpt?

Is chin contouring the new cheek sculpt?

In the last decade, tweakments and non-invasive procedures have become increasingly popular as more people choose to turn to minor procedures to achieve their ideal look and stay on-trend as fashions and beauty standards evolve. It may sound strange to think of being on-trend in relation to face shapes, but the beauty industry has seen a massive shift over previous decades, including what society views as “ideal”. 

Over the past decades, advances in cosmetic practices have made it easier than ever to tweak your appearance. Dermal fillers have become one of the most popular treatments; the procedure is quick and easy with no downtime and non-permanent results.

One of the most popular trends in recent years was cheek contouring. Global megastars like the Kardashians popularised sculpted cheekbones. While some people turned to makeup to achieve this look, many people turned to dermal fillers to achieve this look in the longer term. 

The explosive rise in popularity that many K-Pop bands enjoyed also encouraged a rise in the number of people opting for cheek fillers as K-Beauty became more widely appreciated. In contrast to Western ideals of chiselled cheekbones and sculpted facial features, K-Beauty is characterised by soft features and a more rounded face shape.

The latest trend that’s beginning to take hold in the beauty world is chin contouring. Chin contouring aims to enhance the shape of your jaw to bring it into balance with the rest of your proportions. Alternatively, chin contouring can be used to adjust the shape of your jawline. 

Why has chin contouring become so popular?

The last two years forced everyone to rethink the way that they communicate. When in-person meetings became unsafe, the world turned to video calls, and now that the world has opened back up, many people are still choosing to use video calls instead of face-to-face meetings due to its convenience. 

With video calls remaining popular, many people who originally chose to endure what they thought was temporary discomfort of being self-conscious on camera have now decided to pursue tweakments to give them a confidence boost.

Spending several hours on FaceTime or Zoom has become one of the biggest reasons for seeking chin contouring. The camera is often angled up, meaning that people typically have to look down onto the camera, highlighting their chin and jawline. The angle is often seen as less flattering and can make a face appear rounder, less defined or even highlight areas of sagging in more mature skin.

How chin contouring works

Chin contouring can be achieved in several ways and is unique to the individual, making it vital to have a consultation to discuss areas of concern. In younger individuals, jaw contouring may involve treatments that add volume to adjust the shape of the face. 

In more mature individuals, treatment may involve addressing areas that have lost definition with age due to loss of elastin, fat or collagen. There are several different procedures that can help to add definition to the jawline; each procedure has a different method, recovery time, and level of permanence so it’s a good idea to research all options and discuss them with your consultant first.

VASER Liposuction

For individuals who are struggling to achieve definition due to stubborn fat deposits, VASER Liposuction could be the ideal solution. The procedure works by selectively targeting and removing fat deposits using targeted ultrasound technology. It’s one of the best treatments to minimise the double chin effect, and it’s minimally invasive with very little recovery time. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are one of the least invasive treatments; there is very little downtime post-treatment, and results are instant. Fillers are an ideal option for anyone who doesn’t struggle with a double chin but feels conscious of their face shape or lack of definition. 

By injecting small pockets of filler into carefully-selected areas, the consultant can adjust the jawline’s overall look to improve definition or change the face shape. This method is also highly suited to more mature individuals who feel that they have lost definition or volume in their face as a result of ageing.


Renuvion is a technologically advanced treatment that tightens and tones the jawline, neck and décolletage. The treatment works by inserting a small wand sub-dermally, which applies radio-frequency energy cooled by helium.

This contracts the subnormal collagen tissue, promoting the body to increase production. When the cooled collagen tissue warms and expands, patients will enjoy almost instant firming of the treated area. In addition, Renuvion makes the skin look and feel tighter, making the jawline appear more defined


ULTRAcel is an innovative treatment that works to tighten skin tissue using ultrasound and radio frequencies. The treatment targets the skin as well as deeper soft tissue structures to improve the appearance of the chin and reveal a more defined jawline.

Patients can expect to feel an improvement after one treatment, and the results will continue to improve for up to six months. It’s an ideal treatment for anyone who is noticing mild to moderate sagging of the skin but doesn’t want to consider invasive treatment. 

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