How Does Liposuction For Face Actually Work?

How Does Liposuction For Face Actually Work?

Liposuction has been around for many years, and many individuals have chosen the procedure to help achieve their ideal look. The number of women undergoing liposuction procedures increased by  12% between 2017 and 2019. The popularity of the treatment shows no signs of stopping, but the reasons people are getting liposuction might be changing.

Liposuction was previously very popular for removing excess fat around the stomach, hips and thighs. Today, liposuction for face is becoming a more common choice among many. A lot of people often aren’t aware that liposuction for face is an option. Facial procedures are more in demand now than ever, with many countries reporting rises in surgeries for the face. Liposuction for face is just one of these popular treatments, but does it actually work?

What Is Liposuction For Face?

Liposuction is commonly referred to as ‘lipo’ and is a cosmetic procedure which removes fat from specific areas of the body. Specialists use a tool called a cannula to remove excess fat from the chosen area.

Liposuction for face is when  remove excess fat around the face. It can change the overall shape of the face and be used to slightly alter facial features such as the chin and cheeks.

This type of treatment is sometimes called submental or submentum liposuction. It can be used as a cosmetic treatment alone, or alongside other procedures such as Botox or Dermal Fillers.

Why Choose Liposuction For Face?

You might be wondering why liposuction for face is becoming a popular option. It is mainly because the face can be notoriously difficult to lose weight from. For some individuals, no amount of diet or exercise will eliminate stubborn fat around the jawline, neck, chin and cheeks. Liposuction for face can be used to subtly improve the appearance of these stubborn fat areas. The procedure can result in a more defined jawline and cheekbones, as well as helping you achieve a more slender profile.

Plump looking cheeks can make even the slimmest individual look overweight, and it can have a serious impact on self-confidence. Fatty deposits such as the cheeks, chin and neck are often caused by genetics; diet or exercise can often struggle to change that. Liposuction for face can successfully improve facial contours while having minimal recovery time or risks. This treatment is best for eliminating double chins, sagging skin on the neck or jowls, and over plump cheeks.

Who Can Have Liposuction For Face?

Liposuction isn’t an option for everybody, and liposuction for face will work better on some people than others. Those with jowls, a double chin or sagging jawline could benefit from liposuction for face. The best candidates for liposuction will;

  • Be non-smokers
  • Have good overall health
  • Have healthy, firm skin with adequate elasticity
  • Be realistic with their expectations
  • Have areas of stubborn fat or hereditary fatty deposits around the face
  • Not be dramatically overweight.

A specialist will generally not recommend liposuction for the face as an alternative to weight loss or to deal with obesity. Instead, it is particularly useful as a treatment for those who have recently lost a large amount of weight naturally and now suffer from sagging skin.

Individuals with health concerns such as blood problems, diabetes or a weak immune system, should not have liposuction procedures.

Does Liposuction For Face Work?

Doctors will use facial liposuction to treat the jawline, cheeks, neck and chin in order to reduce fatty deposits and create definition. The overall results and success of the treatment will depend on your goals. As you discuss your ideal results with your specialist, they might recommend liposuction for face alongside other cosmetic treatments.

Liposuction works well for removing fatty tissue, but to create definition or enhance features, you may also need Dermal Fillers or Botox. Liposuction on face really depends on the results you want to achieve and the areas you want to alter.

When you speak with a doctor who specialises in liposuction for face, they should be able to let you know if the treatment will work for you.

What Should I Expect During And After Facial Liposuction?

Most cosmetic practices will perform liposuction for face on an outpatient basis. They will use a local anaesthetic to numb the area entirely. Once numbed, the surgeon will make small incisions so the cannula can pass through. The cannula is a small surgical wand. During the treatment, the practitioners will inject a solution into the face. This works to break up the fat cells before they are sucked out.

In most cases, liposuction for face takes between 30 minutes to an hour, but this will vary depending on the treated area.

After facial liposuction is complete, you might have to wear a compression garment. This helps by keeping the swelling down to aid recovery. The length of recovery depends on how much liposuction you require. For most patients, you can be back to your normal routine in 3 to 5 days.

In some cases, inflammation and swelling can last for a couple of weeks. This means results often can’t be seen immediately, as you need to wait for the swelling and inflammation to go down. Results of liposuction for face are permanent, and unlike some other cosmetic procedures, there is usually no need for follow-up treatment.

Are There Any Risks?

There are some risks to be aware of when considering liposuction for face, although they are very rare. Some patients can have an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic or develop an infection after the procedure.

Other risks include seroma, nerve damage, hematoma and bleeding. All risks of liposuction for face should be discussed in detail by your consultant beforehand. It is essential that you ask any questions you may have and feel comfortable with your consultant before going ahead.

Is Facial Liposuction Right For You?

At Hans Place Practice, we are specialists in liposuction for face. Dr Mike Comins uses pioneering techniques to ensure the best results for safety and efficacy. Dr Comins and his team can talk you through the procedure and discuss the results you want to achieve. If you have any questions about facial liposuction, or if it is the right choice for you, get in touch today to book your virtual consultation.

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