Feeling Your Best For A Social Summer

Feeling Your Best For A Social Summer

While you might be ready to escape from lockdown and get your social life moving again, you may also have some reservations. If you are feeling more conscious about the state of your skin and overall appearance, you’re not alone. If emerging from your home and behind your mask has you feeling unsure, then here are some options to address your concerns.

For An Angry, Furrowed Brow 

Lines can appear on your forehead and around your brows. The repeated movement of facial muscles often causes these lines. If you’ve spent a lot of time squinting at screens recently, this may have accelerated the appearance of these fine lines.

When it comes to resolving and softening wrinkles, there are two main options. The first is to use dermal fillers. These are injectables. That means the treatment and recovery times are very quick. During the procedure, your surgeon will carefully inject a small amount of gel into the problem areas. This gel is essentially replacing the missing collagen. It plumps up your skin, making the wrinkles fade.

Profhilo is another choice, which is like dermal filler treatment but has a very liquid texture. It works to hydrate the skin from the inside out and then stimulate collagen and elastin production for a radiant finish.

The other possibility is ULTRAcel. This is a technique that makes use of both ultrasound and radiofrequency signals. This safe and non-invasive procedure gently agitates your skin cells. This prompts them to start producing more collagen and results in tighter and firmer skin.

To decide which is the right option for you, you can book a complimentary skin consultation.

For Dehydration, Dullness, and Uneven Skin Tone

Having perfect skin with an even tone is an endless quest. It’s a goal that many people have, but it is a difficult place to reach. With so many different factors contributing to the appearance of your skin, it can be a challenge to get the proper treatment.

Your skin is affected by how much sun you get, the soap you use, your hormones and your genetics. As a consequence, most over the counter skin treatments are unable to give effective results.

If you feel uncomfortable with the look or condition of your skin and need more help, we recommend Obagi Skin Care Products. These are medically formulated skincare treatments that can help with a range of issues. Because everyone’s skin is so different, it’s essential to speak to a doctor or skincare specialist about these products. They will tailor the dosage and frequency of use to your situation.

Alternatively, enjoy hydration from the inside out with Profhilo treatment. Similar to dermal fillers, Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid that hydrates the skin, helping to improve skin laxity and reduce the signs of sagging skin. Profhilo is a fantastic way to make your skin look dewy and hydrated.

For Loose Face Skin

Having spent almost a year without proper social interaction and face to face meetings, you might be feeling a little more conscious of the signs of ageing on your face. Looser facial skin is a natural part of ageing. It’s the result of reduced levels of elastin and collagen in your skin cells.

Another reason you might have loose skin around your face is if you have spent lockdown losing weight. Dropping a large amount of weight can have the unfortunate side effect of leaving you with loose skin around your face.

Whatever the reason is, if your loose skin is affecting your confidence, there are options.

ULTRAcel, which we’ve already mentioned, is a minimally invasive option. The ultrasound and radio frequencies penetrate your deep tissues. The signals promote the production of new healthier, and tighter skin cells.

INTRAcel is a technique that uses radiofrequency (RF) signals in combination with microneedling. This means that your doctor uses tiny needles to apply the RF signals directly into your skin cells. Both the needle and the RF signals cause small amounts of damage to your cells. This triggers your body’s immune system to come in and fix things up. As a result, the skin in the treated area is rejuvenated.

If your loose skin is located chiefly around your lower face, neck and decolletage, then Renuvion may be an option. This is a more invasive procedure than the others but is not the whole step to having surgery. First, the doctor makes a small incision (5mm). Then, through this incision, they insert a wand to directly target the problem areas with RF energy. You can often see the results of this treatment instantly.

For Tech Neck

Tech neck is the name popularly being used to describe the loose and wrinkled skin that some people are beginning to experience around the front of their necks. The name comes from the way that handheld technology changes the way we move. If you spend much of your day looking down at a handheld device, you’ll be putting more strain on the skin of your neck.

One of the first steps to addressing these issues is to keep an eye on your posture. For example, reducing the amount of time you spend craning over your phone can make a big difference. However, if, after making a change to your posture, you still have concerns, then we can help.

A skilled professional can treat loose and crinkly neck skin using many of the techniques already covered. The main options are INTRAcel, ULTRAcel, Renuvion, Profhilo and dermal fillers. All of these treatments focus on reducing the appearance of wrinkles. They do this by giving your skin a plumper look and feel. Choosing the proper treatment for you takes an experienced eye, so it is best to book a skin consultation first before deciding on the right treatment.

For Wrinkled Skin On Hands

Spending more time using technology may also have shifted your focus towards your hands. However, if the condition of your hands is bothering you, then, just as with other parts of your body, you have choices.

INTRAcel, dermal fillers, Profhilo and Obagi skincare products can all be used on your hands. The best way to know which is best for your unique skin needs is to book a consultation.

Your Next Step

Unfortunately, when it comes to feeling confident, we may all have areas of our bodies that bother us. However, you don’t have to let that hold you back when it comes to socialising this summer.

Choosing the proper treatment for your needs requires skill and understanding. Dr Mike Comins is a highly experienced specialist. He will take the time to get to know your needs and expectations. From there, he will guide you towards the right treatment for your situation. So, if you’re ready to feel more confident and comfortable with your appearance, then why not contact us today to book a consultation?

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