Feeling Thigh Confident This Summer

Feeling Thigh Confident This Summer

When the weather heats up, many are excited to ditch the jeans and opt for bare legs. However, as summer arrives, more people become conscious of different areas of their bodies – notably, there is a bigger focus on the thighs.

Every summer, there is a new thigh trend. Some thigh trends include the body positive movement of #thighreading. This trend encourages women to embrace the lines, stretch marks, cellulite, and scars on their thighs as they tell the story of your life. The thigh reading was a nod to palm reading, where lines and marks are accepted as the norm.

Other recent thigh trends include the thigh gap. This trend focused on the gap between the inner thighs to help reduce the discomfort of thigh chafing. In contrast to this trend was the mermaid thighs, which celebrate mermaid style curves and thicker thighs.

This year is the rise of thighbrows and frongs. So, if your thighs are stopping you from having your most confident summer, there are options available to support you.

Summer Thigh Concerns And How To Address Them

Thigh Chafing

A main concern during hotter temperatures is when thighs rub together, causing friction that irritates the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). This situation can be exacerbated with sweat, making the problem feel worse.

Some of the options to prevent chafing include:


It is possible to apply anti-chafing balms to help to protect the skin from chafing. These help to lubricate the skin to help prevent friction. Another option is to use comfort shorts made from moisture-wicking fabrics.

Aloe vera can help to soothe chafing. However, there are also prescription-strength treatments that can help blistered skin.

Vaser Liposuction

A longer-term solution for thigh chafing is to treat the inner thighs with Vaser liposuction. Vaser liposuction can help remove stubborn fat from the inner thighs; this can help create a thigh gap and to reduce rubbing inner thighs. Using specially designed cannulas, a Vaser surgeon can help to selectively remove fat from the thighs helping to sculpt and reshape the area to help reduce the chance of rubbing.

This minimally invasive treatment creates only tiny, discreetly placed scars and requires a much shorter recovery than traditional liposuction. This is because the procedure takes place in a minor surgical theatre; it is treated as a day case procedure. This means you can go home on the same day of the procedure.

Recovery can take between one to seven days, and you can usually return to gentle exercise two weeks after the procedure.


Cellulite is commonplace on thighs, with over 80% of women experiencing some form of bumps, dimples and uneven skin texture on their thighs and buttocks. While cellulite is entirely normal, it can affect self-confidence. If you don’t feel comfortable with one part of your body, then it can be a struggle to feel your best whole self.

There are ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite with different options to suit each individual.

At-Home Cellulite Treatment

Due to the nature of cellulite, it is not possible to remove cellulite at the surface level. In order to remove the stubborn fat pockets that cause the appearance of cellulite, it requires deeper treatment. However, there are things that you can do at home which can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

One option is to use a caffeine-based body lotion. This can help to tighten and smooth the skin to create the appearance of smooth-textured skin. While the results may not eliminate cellulite, they can help cellulite to appear less pronounced.

Another popular option for at-home cellulite treatment is dry body brushing. While there is no scientific evidence that body brushing reduces cellulite, it can help to improve lymphatic drainage. This can help promote healthier skin and reduce inflammation. Inflammation is often a factor that can make cellulite appear more pronounced.

Thigh Tightening Treatment With Renuvion

Renuvion is a popular treatment at Hans Place which works to contract the subdermal collagen tissue making it tighter, smoother and firmer. This innovative treatment also helps to boost collagen production, creating long-term results that can often last up to a year after treatment.

Renuvion can deliver exceptional results helping to significantly tighten the skin, improving the texture and toning on the thighs.

Cellulite Reduction With VelaShape 3

Another option to reduce the appearance of cellulite is with the VelaShape 3, a roller head device that is used on the skin to improve its elasticity, texture and tone. VelaShape 3 uses innovative radiofrequency and infrared technology to deeply heat the cells to encourage collagen and elastin growth to reduce skin laxity.

Just like Renuvion, VelaShape 3 can be a perfect accompaniment to Vaser liposuction if there is a requirement to remove stubborn fat from the thigh area to reduce cellulite.

Thighbrows And Frongs

The latest summer body trend is the thighbrows; this is the crease or line where the top of the legs meets the torso. This trend is rising, thanks to the growing popularity of frongs – short for frontal thongs or high-cut swimwear.

While this is a body positive trend to suit every body shape, some people may feel uncomfortable with their appearance for this trend. For some, this is because their hip dips appear more noticeable. While hip dips are completely natural, there are treatments that can help to reduce the prominence of hip dips.

Vaser Liposuction For Hip Dips And Thighbrows

For example, Vaser liposuction can help reshape hip dips to create the proportions that give you confidence. Vaser liposuction can help to reduce and sculpt the fat at the top of the hip (some call this the muffin top). It can also be used on the fat pockets that sit just below the hips to help create a sleeker shape.

If you’re looking to get thigh confident this summer, then Hans Place offers a range of treatments and solutions to help you feel your best self. With your initial consultation, we can discuss the results you are looking to achieve and suggest the most suitable treatments that can help you reach your goals. To find out more about our thigh treatments and to book your consultation, get in touch here.













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