Dr Comins welcomes strict new cosmetic intervention guidelines

Dr Comins welcomes strict new cosmetic intervention guidelines

On Tuesday 12 April 2016, the General Medical Council (GMC) released new guidance for doctors in the UK who carry out cosmetic interventions. The guidelines were drawn up in response to concerns about the safety and care of patients undergoing these procedures.

The new guidance, which is welcomed by Dr Comins of Hans Place Practice, states that doctors must now ensure that patients have realistic expectations of what outcomes can be achieved by a procedure, that the psychological needs of the patients must be considered and that good patient care is not adversely affected by any financial or commercial interests.

A key point is that patients must be given enough time and information before they agree to undergo a procedure. This is something that Hans Place Practice has always prided itself on, with detailed consultation sessions and ‘cooling off’ periods as standard procedure for all patients. The guidelines also state that services must not be provided as a prize, nor can promotions be run that could cause people to make an “ill-considered decision”.

Dr Comins has always been vocal about his belief that cosmetic interventions should not be undertaken lightly and should only be administered by experienced professionals who fully understand and respect their obligations to the patient. “I am delighted by the new guidelines announced by the GMC,” said Dr Comins. “These should go a long way to ridding the industry of so-called “cowboy practices” whose bad reputations affect us all. I am also pleased the GMC will be publishing guidelines for patients on 1 June 2016 that will include advice on what questions to ask before committing to any procedures, as well as what to expect. Educating the public is key to driving up standards in the industry.”

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