What’s on trend in cosmetics right now?

What’s on trend in cosmetics right now?

Here at the Hans Place Clinic we don’t think it’s that vital to stay up to date with trends in the cosmetic industry but we do like to stay abreast of existing and new treatments which continue to improve.

The Harley Street Journal last week commented on the WhatClinic.com review of developments in 2014. The cosmetic industry and injectables market in the UK has been increasingly growing year by year. This simply reflect the facts that more and more people are using surgical treatments to improve their appearance in a number of areas. And this in turn reflects the fact that surgery is less invasive and more comfortable and, above all, more effective as technology is becoming more advanced. As a leading London practice, we have seen a dramatic rise in new patients during 2014.

According to the Harley Street Journal report, the demand for neck liposuction has grown by 280% – about 3 times – last year and , in 2015 experts predict that this trend will continue.  At Hans Place Dr Mike Comins has treated several patients who have been suffering with lax [slack] skin or excess fat in the chin and jowls, which results in an undefined profile. Vaser liposuction as a fat removal treatment can dramatically improve the appearance of the upper neck area, chin and jowl.

The other trend we here have noted and is borne out by the Harley Street Journal article is the interest in thread lift procedures where enquiries increased by over 11 times (1,165%) last year. At the Hans Place Clinic, we recommend Silhouette Soft which is one of the leading such treatments which has seen a huge increase ( 633%) in patients wanting the procedure. Silhouette Soft is suitable for anyone who is experiencing sagging skin, a softening of facial contours and deeper lines or wrinkles.

In the next coming weeks Dr Mike Comins will be introducing a new technique of Silhouette Soft, which we are all excited about. Update coming soon.

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